Indianapolis World of Wheels 2022 was held in Indianapolis, IN on March 25th-27th, 2022.  The show brought in everything from custom vehicles from the 1930’s to new McLarens with their own unique twist.

This year, WOW 2022 brought in about 400 custom vehicles on display.  Its always been known as an event that fills the event center with custom rides and vendors!

One vehicle that everyone was excited to see what a 1936 Ford “Cab Over Evolved.”  This vehicle was on display at the 2018 SEMA Show unfinished, but was ready for completed display at the Indianapolis World of Wheels 2022.

The Gauge Magazine Hall at Indianapolis World of Wheels 2022 was AMAZING.  We filled our hall with the sickest custom rides, whether it was custom audio, graphics, lifted rides, lowered rides; we had it in our hall.  As usual, we have a special time set aside for Demos, the entire hall fills with attendees ready to see what our Demo vehicles brought!  Everyone at WOW 2022 knows when we start the Demo times, it shakes the entire building and you can even see dust and debris fall from the ceilings at times.

Indianapolis World of Wheels 2022

Every year our favorite event within the show is the Pinstriper Panel Jam and Charity Auction.  Each year you see new artwork on daily household items you would never expect.  We cannot say we did not walk away with a mailbox or two!!  It’s a great way to support the Indiana Youth Diabetes Foundation while also leaving with a piece of custom artwork.

You were also able to meet with Chip Foose and Bryan Danielson throughout the show for a quick picture and potential autograph!

We are proud of what our Hall brought to the event this year and we are already preparing for the 2023 show, see you there!

Photos by: Lenny Thompson

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