An Indiana man who was driving by a burning house sprung into action and rescued five people trapped inside before first responders had the chance.

Nick Bostic, 25, entered a Lafayette house in the early morning hours of July 11 and saved four occupants before going upstairs to grab a 6-year-old girl, according to The Lafayette Journal & Courier.

The heroic passerby then reportedly jumped out of a second-floor window while cradling the child to escape the fully involved fire.

Police body cam video captured the moment a cop took the crying girl from the wheezing man’s arms.

“I need oxygen!” Bostic said as he sat on the curb.

An officer then helped Bostic get up and took him to the other side of the street where a tourniquet was applied to his bleeding right arm.

“I can barely breathe,” Bostic is heard saying as he lies on the ground panting furiously.

“Is the baby okay? Please tell me that baby’s okay.”

The officers reassured Bostic that the child was fine. She suffered only a minor cut on her foot, according to the report.

He saw the inferno from the windows of his car and rushed in.
Bostic saved the family of five before first responders were able to.
In the video he can be seen being treated for his injuries.
Bostic was reportedly hospitalized for smoke inhalation and his injured arm.

“You did good dude,” a cop was heard saying.

Bostic was reportedly hospitalized for smoke inhalation and his injured arm. He was set to be honored by officials during next month’s National Night Out, when local communities celebrate their police departments.

Ticket sales from a Lafayette Aviators baseball game on Aug 2. would be donated to a fundraising campaign for the hometown hero, the article said.

The fire was reportedly started by ashes dumped in a bucket on the front porch, according to the newspaper.

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