Import Face-Off Rockingham 2022 was held in Rockingham, North Carolina on March 27th, 2022.  As with every Import Face Off event, no matter the weather, it’s still going to draw a crowd. Bringing in fast cars and filling the entire show field.

If you were wanting to register your vehicle or compete in one of the contests, pricing differed:

  • Adult admission $25
  • Children 10 and under FREE
  • Non-Judged Car Show Entry $30
  • Judged Car Show Entry $35
  • Stereo Contest $35
  • Drag Racer $35
  • Limbo, 2 Step, and Burnout Contest FREE once inside

Despite the day starting off with a chill, the track was ready before the show even started at 8 am! With the show bring in a 1/4 mile drag race, a burnout contest, low car limbo, 2 step competition, a stereo contest, and more; there was no way that anyway was unhappy with Import Face Off Rockingham 2022.

Import Face Off Rockingham 2022

Racing starting at 10, with the crowd prepared for the hours of racing with eliminations being around 2.  If you were in the Car/Truck show area, you had many quality vehicles in attendance from Team Tensei, Team Dilated, Chozen, Original Kings and a few others.  Within these teams/clubs you had lifted trucks, mini trucks, widebody GTRs, Mopar’s, imports, bikes, mild builds and crazy builds.

Once it came time for the 2Step Competition, the crowd was instantly drawn in and ready for a show.  Almost the entire crowd was surrounded around the area to see what each vehicle had to offer.

At the end of the show, came the awards.  Every year we make sure we are at the show to bring you the coverage, but also to enjoy the event ourselves as well!  Make sure to attend the 2023 show as they always make sure that their crowd leaves happy!

Photos by: Chris Gosda

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