In this episode, Kevin Dorsey from GoGuardian and Josh Ratliff from Trafera join to discuss how digital tools can support focus and help avoid distractions for students in any learning environment. You’ll also hear how GoGuardian and Trafera provide custom professional development, built-in safety measures, and ready-made lesson plans to help transform the learning experience through technology. If you’re wondering, “Does technology cause a distraction for students?” Then this episode is for you.

Today’s episode is titled: How to Use Tech Tools to Avoid Distractions for Students. I’m so excited to partner with GoGuardian and Trafera for this episode. A few weeks ago you heard from Josh Ratliff on the Trafera team. We talked about Google Workspace tips, Josh returns again today along with Kevin Dorsey to chat about technology integration from a different angle – helping students avoid distractions, be productive, and stay safe when navigating online spaces.

You’re going to hear some great tips from Kevin and Josh and you’ll find all the links to what we’re talking about wherever you listen to this episode.

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Tips to Avoid Distractions for Students

  • Modeling online interactions for students is essential.
  • EdTech tools can help educators gather actionable information.
  • Educators can use data to aid interventions.
  • Schoolwide solutions can help promote online safety.

Sponsored by Trafera

This episode is sponsored by Trafera. Trafera is a nationwide provider of classroom technology, working with thousands of schools and districts every year to outfit classrooms with modern learning tools. But they don’t stop there. Trafera is committed to helping schools meaningfully integrate new tech in the classroom, and they do so with custom professional development and ready-made lesson plans written by teachers for teachers. 

Head to for a chance to get some free tech for your classroom and see how Trafera can help your school transform the learning experience through technology.

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