Ship Company CarsTo ship company cars or shipping in a new to you vehicle from another state can be simple if you are working within the 48 contiguous states. Alaska can also be reached by road or rail, but Hawaii presents a different challenge. However, with a bit of planning and a great car transport service, you can move your vehicle wherever you need it to go.

Ship by Highway

Ship your company cars by highway transport is the most common choice for vehicle transport. You can move your company vehicle via open transport or in a closed truck for a higher fee.

Your highway transport schedule can be challenging if you’re in the midst of a whole-business move. If you have multiple vehicles to move, check in with your transport company to see if you can drop vehicles off in a secured lot and then send just one employee over with keys on the actual transport day.

No matter which pathway you use, it is critical that you confirm the insurance of all entities who will be touching your vehicle. The transport service, driver, and hauling vehicle owner will all need to carry enough insurance to cover your vehicle in the event of a wreck or weather event.

Check your business insurance as well to make sure that your vehicle is covered for road, rail, or water transport.

Ship by Rail

If you’ve got some time, you can ship your company cars via rail hub from many points in the United States. The schedule can be a bit tight for commercial transport and you may have to travel to pick up your company vehicle.

It is important to note that a personal vehicle will need to be transported via Amtrak, while a commercial vehicle will have more transport options. This type of move is also done on an open car.

Do be aware that your off-loading time is just as important as your loading time. Unless you have a specific transport company working with you, getting your vehicle off the train may require that you be there to collect it as soon as it hits the pavement; the drop-off point may not be monitored by employees who can hold your key and secure the vehicle.

For those who need closed shipping for a custom company car or a vintage vehicle, you may need to either switch to a highway or a river transport.

Ship by Water

Vehicle barges often transport vehicles across bodies of water to an island or to another nearby piece of land; moving a vehicle up or down river on a barge is not a common method of transport as highways run along rivers and are often cheaper. As a general rule, if you need to move your vehicle via barge you need to travel with it and be prepared to drive it either to your destination or to another transport vehicle.

Of course, if your plan is to ship your business car to Hawaii, you need access to an ocean transport vessel. One decision you will have to make when shipping your car over the sea is to determine if you want a closed or an open setting. Saltwater and sea air can be hard on vehicles. If rust is a serious concern, such as on a vintage vehicle, a covered or closed shipping choice may be best.

Do take care to prepare the vehicle effectively. Your shipper will need a key, so be sure you take all personal items out of the vehicle and remove add-ons, such as

  • directional aids
  • tire sensor tools
  • back-up cameras

Your gas tank will generally need to be at 1/4 or less to reduce weight and fire risk. If your vehicle is leaking any fluids at all, you will need to get these repaired for the safety of the crew, vessel, and other vehicles.

Driving your company vehicle may be the simplest choice, especially if you need to move stock or raw goods to a new location. You cannot ship company cars loaded with goods. The vehicle must be empty unless you are using a specific expediting service, and in that case, you may only be allowed a suitcase. If you are purchasing a new company vehicle from across the country, a shipping service may be ideal.

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