Texas is a proud state, and when you visit, you can see why. It has a rich heritage and tradition. From the sports teams to the fantastic food to the wide-open spaces, there’s a lot to love if you call Texas your home.

You might also like cruising around the state on a motorcycle. Getting a Harley Davidson or another iconic brand and flying down the highways is a unique way to enjoy the scenery. You can feel wild and free, and the adrenaline rush makes this an attractive lifestyle rather than a mere transportation option.

Motorcycles are risky, though, because you don’t have a car’s protective shell around you. In this article, we’ll talk about some things you can do to stay safe while you’re riding in the Lone Star State.

You Can Get the Safest Kinds of Motorcycles

2021 saw 519 motorcycle-related deaths and many injuries in Texas. That’s about the amount you can expect in any given year. That number should get your attention, and it’s probably enough to make you look for the safest motorcycles if you’re going to get one.

Though motorcycles are inherently risky, you can find ones that have better safety ratings than others. Some people don’t know this about motorcycles, but you can find several different kinds. You might get a standard model, a touring one, an adventure model, a cruiser, or a supersport. The supersport is the most dangerous if you look at motorcycle wreck statistics.

If you need to get the safest possible motorcycle, you’ll want one that makes sense for your height and physical strength. You don’t want one that’s too powerful for you to control.

Try to buy one based on your experience level and what you plan to do with it. Think about the engine size, and look at any safety features that come with the models you’re perusing.

Some newer ones come with onboard diagnostics, anti lock brakes, and stability control. These features didn’t exist in the past, and they’re worth considering if you’re going to buy a newer model.

If you have a family that doesn’t want you to ride, maybe they’ll consider this an acceptable compromise. You can still get the thrill you crave, but you’ll have the latest safety features to make your trip a little less hazardous.

Wear a Helmet Every Time You Ridetexas

Texas motorcycle riders might like the wind-in-their-hair experience, but wearing a helmet can save your life if you roll your motorcycle or another vehicle hits you. If you don’t wear a helmet, then you can very easily fly off the motorcycle and hit your head. You can sustain a TBI that way or even kill yourself.

Helmets make sense if you care about yourself and your future. Not wearing one is reckless and pointless. You might feel like that goes against the free-spirited motorcycle rider ideal, but it’s another compromise that makes sense when you take the time to think it over.

Don’t Ride in Rough Weather

Texas doesn’t see a lot of rain or snow. When it does come, expect violent storms that can cause sudden flooding and dangerous driving situations.

It’s bad enough to tackle a Texas downpour in a car with four wheels providing stability. On a motorcycle, you’re foolishly courting danger.

You’d do better not to ride if you know a bad storm is headed your way. If you need to get somewhere, try to use a car or a safer vehicle. If you can put off your errand or trip until after the storm passes, you can do that as well.

Don’t Ride at Night

Many motorcycle accidents in Texas take place at night. You can cause a wreck during the day if you ride recklessly, but at night, you have limited visibility.

On a Texas highway at night, you might run into a driver who’s sleep deprived. Maybe they’re finishing up a multiple-hour road trip, and they’re not paying as much attention to the road as they should.

You might also encounter wildlife that feels safe crossing the highway in the dark. You might hit a coyote or an antelope. Striking one at night might severely injure or even kill you.

If you ride a motorcycle in Texas, you are probably a free spirit. Just because you have that wild streak, though, that doesn’t mean you can’t take common sense precautions. Getting the safest motorcycle model and avoiding the behaviors we’ve mentioned make sense.  

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