In this episode, Sean D’Arcy, VP of Kahoot! at school and home, joins to chat about the power of games in the classroom and how to make learning stick this year. You’ll hear about how students can play and create their own games this school year and how Kahoot! sets kids up for success by increasing engagement, communication, creativity and collaboration!

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Tips to Make Learning Stick

  • Make learning stick with games.
  • Try out different game modes.
  • Turn students into creators.
  • Give students an audience for their games.

Sponsored by Kahoot!

This episode is sponsored by Kahoot!. Kahoot! is a digital learning and engagement platform that is making learning awesome at school, work and at home. Through its unique game-based learning model, Kahoot! engages learners of all ages and delivers fun and meaningful learning experiences. Users can create their own kahoots for free, or find high-quality content from publishers and users in just a few clicks. More than 9 million educators around the world use Kahoot! to unlock the learning potential of their students, and hundreds of organizations including 97% of Fortune 500 companies use Kahoot! to engage, connect, and train employees through unique game-based learning solutions.

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