In this episode, we’ll dive into how educators can unlock the power of Instagram to connect, share, and learn. You’ll also hear how Instagram can accomplish things other social media platforms can’t and help connect you with other educators who are also passionate about their craft and the thoughtful integration of digital tools. Join the Instagram teachers who love to learn and share on this platform.

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes it takes me a little while to jump on the bandwagon or try something new. I started using Twitter in 2012, but even though Instagram came along later, it took a great conversation at FETC in 2018 (with past podcast guest Jennifer Williams) to convince me I should get in the game from a professional perspective, to connect, share and learn on this popular platform.  Now like most things that I’m late to the party to (like watching Ted Lasso or The Bachelor) I’m so glad I finally jumped in!


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Tips for Instagram Teachers

  • Follow favorites and pay attention to Stories.
  • Don’t ignore the Explore tab and use hashtags.
  • Stay connected to events so you can follow along.
  • Post your passions, interests and advice to inspire others.

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