No, not that Guardian Angel.

Mayor Eric Adams’ top spokesman says he has a “Guardian Angel” to thank for returning his lost wallet — complete with nearly $300 in cash — after he lost it last weekend while hiking in an area of the Catskills called Devil’s Path.

“I lost my wallet while hiking but a couple days later someone found it. And returned it via mail.  With all the money.  And left a great note!  People are pretty good sometimes,” Maxwell Young, Adams’ Communications Director tweeted Thursday.

Young attached to the tweet an image of a hand-written note that was included when his wallet arrived back at his home in the mail Thursday.

“I found your wallet somewhere after Indian Head Mt. on 01/15/23,” the note said. “I called American Express and asked them to give you my number, however I guess they didn’t. I’m dropping it USPS and hope it’s delivered to you safely.”

“There were your ID, metro card, 4 credit card & $263 cash. I hope getting back your wallet jinx 2023 and leads you to the good year. Happy new year. Take care.”

Maxwell Young lost his wallet after a weekend hike and then it was returned to him.
Facebook/Maxwell Young
handwritten note
The handwritten note came with Young’s returned wallet, which contained over $200 in cash, his ID, credit cards and a Metro card.

The City Hall flack said his wallet went missing as he trekked on the challenging Twin Mountains in the Devil’s Path region Sunday.

He had just finished visiting his friend Mark Landsman, who owns Elevated Wine and Spirits in nearby Hunter, NY, when he embarked on the “very icy” Jimmy Dolan Notch Overlook trail, but became distracted with a series of work-related phone calls.

“I realized my wallet was gone. We checked the trailhead and the diner we ate at that morning, but no luck,” he told The Post. 

“Mark did the hike again the next day and didn’t find it. Six days later, the wallet appeared in the mail with the amazing note.”

Young then contacted the woman – Youjin – on Linked In to thank her.

“Ok I have a big update.  Using  @LinkedIn I found Youjin, my wallet guardian [angel].  She’s not on twitter, but I’m sharing her message, with her permission,” he tweeted Friday afternoon.

“Wow you made my day. Thank you for sharing your post! Since I am not on twitter, to those comments, a. Yes i am an immigrant. B. Zinx was supposed to be Jinx. C. Sorry for letting people know how much cash you carry…Sure, please share my response on Twitter and please let [them] know my handwriting is better than that,” she wrote, adding she made her own account.

As for carrying the large amount of cash, Young explained that he regularly takes out the big bucks so he “can pay for things at small businesses in cash, to save them the swipe fee.”

He added: “I’m blessed to live in a city where I feel safe carrying cash (thanks boss)!”


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