Why the long face, Donald? 

A grumpy-looking former President Donald Trump was spotted at his daughter Tiffany’s wedding rehearsal at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. 

The 76-year-old former president, fresh off a racially insensitive attack against Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, donned a navy blue suit sans tie as he glumly walked Tiffany, 29, down the aisle a day before she is set to tie the knot. 

Tiffany is set to tie the knot Saturday.
Tiffany is marrying billionaire heir Michael Boulos at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump has begun mocking DeSantis since the election.
Trump reportedly is angry that Ron DeSantis had such a big win.

The wedding will take place at Mar-a-Lago Saturday.
Reportedly, people close to Trump worry how he’ll behave at Tiffany’s wedding.

In one shot, Trump, lambasted by the Post earlier this week as “Trumpy Dumpty,” looked wistful as he stared off into the distance, away from his daughter and son-in-law-to-be. 

A source told the Post on Friday that Trump’s mood is so dour after the GOP’s disappointing performance in Tuesday’s midterm elections that those close to him are wondering how it will affect Tiffany’s Mar-a-Lago nuptials.

“He’s in a bad mood … Friends wonder how gregarious he’ll be at Tiffany’s wedding,” the person said

“He’s grumpy and unhappy that Ron DeSantis did so well,” the source added of the 45th president.

Many Republicans have said that they are done supporting Trump following the weak results.
Some have blamed Trump for the “red trickle.”

Trump made up mocking names about DeSantis.
Trump went after DeSantis online following the midterms.

Republicans failed to have a red wave as expected.
People close to Trump claim his frustration is connected to the midterms.

Trump called DeSantis an “average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations..”
Polling has shown Trump and DeSantis as Republicans’ top choices for 2024.

Trump went on a social media tirade against the Florida governor Thursday, saying that DeSantis should not run in 2024 and deriding him as an “average REPUBLICAN Governor with great Public Relations..”

Tiffany is marrying billionaire heir Michael Boulos at Mar-a-Lago Saturday in what sources have told Page Six will be lavish ceremony at the swanky club.

With reporting by Ian Mohr

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