A grinning, clean-cut young man wielding a machete calmly tried to hijack a car in Australia, terrifying video shows.

Footage that could have been taken from a horror movie shows the beaming man tapping on the window of the vehicle — while wielding a huge blade, The Sun reported.

The passenger, Ash Massacre, was trapped in traffic in Queensland during the creepy Monday incident, but managed to film the encounter — a clip of which was later shared on Tik Tok.

The video shows the man striding through the standstill traffic to her car, swinging the machete. He then demands to be let in the car by tapping on the window and lifting up the large blade, grinning at the camera all the while.

He finally gave up and walked down the street, the footage shows.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” Massacre said in one video. “I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck in shock.

“We had stopped at the lights and basically I could see some dude walking through it and I was like ‘What’s he doing?’

The man eventually gave up and walked away.
The man eventually gave up and walked away.
The man has since been arrested.
The man has since been arrested.

“And my husband‘s like, ‘Oh, he’s walking around with a machete’ and he was, like, swinging it around.

“So I started recording because I thought it’s weird and my sisters would never believe that.”

A 21-year-old man was arrested at the scene after police were called. He’s been charged with threatening violence, unlawful entry of motor vehicles and obstructing police, the Sun reported.

The suspect is due to appear in court in December.

The incident comes days after residential surveillance video in Florida captured a well dressed man with a machete knocking on doors, frightening homeowners.

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