A Greek “modern Medea” has been charged with killing all three of her young daughters — months after appearing on TV to bemoan her kids’ “mysterious” deaths.

Police arrested mom Roula Pispirigkou, 33, after discovering fatal levels of Ketamine in the body of her 9-year-old Georgina, who died during a hospital stay in January, according to The Daily Beast.

The child had reportedly not been prescribed the drug, which has been used as an anesthetic and anti-depressant.

Prosecutors now believe Pispirigkou killed the girl, as well as suffocated her 6-month-old Iris in March 2021 and 3-year-old Malena in April 2019.

Both of the younger girls’ deaths had previously been attributed to natural causes: Malena, who survived cancer, had supposedly died from liver failure, while Iris was believed to have succumbed to a heart defect.

Pispirigkou’s younger girls’ deaths had previously been linked to liver failure and a heart defect.
Roula Pispirigkou
The mother was arrested in June, just months after expressing her need to find out the true reasoning behind her daughters’ deaths in multiple TV interviews.

Pispirigkou has been dubbed the “modern Medea” by Greek media, a reference to the Greek mythological figure who murdered her two sons, among others.

Pispirigkou has been in custody since March, when tests of Georgina’s muscle tissue turned up 6.5 mg of Ketamine per liter of blood.

The mom had previously made frequent TV appearances to lament the “mysterious” deaths of her kids and claimed geneticists were “looking for the most rare genes” that could have costs the deaths.

Cops have reason to believe the mom administered a fatal dose of Ketamine to Georgina intentionally — fueled by alleged evidence such as Internet searches on a family computer tablet, The Daily Beast said.

Roula Pispirigkou
Georgina, the last of the daughters to have died, drew pictures before her death that showed her deceased sisters as angels and her mother, Roula, with a black head.

Drawings that Georgina did before her death depicted her two younger sisters as angels and her mom with a black head, according to the report.

During one of Georgina’a medical episodes shortly before her death, Pispirigkou told doctors, “The big episode has not happened yet.”

“The words of the accused made little sense to the doctors because from the data they had, nothing foretold a big episode,” according to a police report cited by Greek Reporter.

The allegedly murderous mom maintains her innocence.

“She is devastated and cannot believe what’s happening,” her lawyer told the Greek news website Enikos.


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