Missouri’s attorney general turned up the temperature in the Republican Senate primary’s ad wars Tuesday, releasing a commercial vowing to take a “blowtorch” to President Biden’s “socialist agenda.”​

The spot features Eric Schmitt firing up the implement ​as he says: “I think Joe Biden is a total disaster. That’s why I’m taking my blowtorch to his socialist agenda​.

“As your attorney general, I put a stop to Biden’s open border policies,” Schmitt goes on. “I sued to get rid of [Dr. Anthony] Fauci’s COVID mandates. And I stood with President [Donald] Trump to stop election fraud.

“In the Senate, I’ll turn the heat up on the Biden Democrats,” the ad concludes. “I approve this message because now’s the time to take our country back.”

S​chmitt is one of the front-runners in the Aug. 2 Republican primary, along with Rep. Vicky Hartzler and former Gov. Eric Greitens. 

While Schmitt describes himself as an “America First” candidate and displays a picture of himself with Trump in the ad, the former president has yet to make an endorsement in the race.

Eric Schmitt
Eric Schmitt steps into the spotlight in the controversial ad, which aired Tuesday.
The ad sees Schmitt firing up a blow torch before sharing his fighting words.
The ad sees Schmitt firing up a blowtorch before sharing his fighting words.
Schmitt pitches himself as an "America First" candidate.
Schmitt pitches himself as an “America First” candidate.

Schmitt’s blowtorch doesn’t come near the firepower Greitens carried in a campaign ad released last month that created a major controversy.  

In the commercial, the former Navy SEAL held a double-barreled shotgun as several men in tactical gear stood in the background. 

“Today, we’re going RINO hunting,” Greitens said, using the acronym for the derisive term “Republican in name only.”

“Join the MAGA crew, get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit and it doesn’t expire until we save our country,” ​Greitens added.

Donald Trump has yet to endorse Schmitt's campaign.
Donald Trump has yet to endorse Schmitt’s campaign.

Hours after Greitens posted his ad, Twitter flagged it for violating its rules. Members of both parties criticized the content and accused Greitens — who resigned in disgrace in 2018 after being hit with allegations of sexual blackmail and campaign finance violations — of fomenting political violence.

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