A fundraiser for Massachusetts mom Lindsay Clancy’s grieving husband reached nearly $900,000 in donations Monday after he pleaded for the public to forgive his wife for allegedly strangling their three young children.

More than 13,000 donations have been made to the GoFundMe fundraiser, which was launched Friday to help Patrick Clancy “navigate the unimaginable tragedy” that unfolded at their Duxbury home.

“This GoFundMe is intended to help Pat pay for medical bills, funeral services and legal help,” Glaser wrote on the campaign, which has reached around $880,000 as of Monday morning.

“This assistance is especially needed because Pat will be unable to work for the foreseeable future as he weathers this painful, life-altering tragedy.”

Patrick’s wife, 32-year-old Lindsay, was charged Wednesday with murdering their 5-year-old daughter Cora, 3-year-old son Dawson and attempting to kill their 8-month-old son Callan, who died at the hospital Friday.

In an update to the online fundraiser written Saturday, Patrick shared that he forgave Lindsay, a labor and delivery nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital who he described as “loving and caring towards everyone.”

GoFundMe page.
The GoFundMe is intended to help Patrick Clancy pay for medical bills, funeral services and legal help.

The three children.
Patrick Clancy found his children “unconscious, with obvious signs of trauma,” in their home.
Facebook/Lindsay Marie Clancy

“I want to ask all of you that you find it deep within yourselves to forgive Lindsay, as I have,” Patrick wrote.

“The real Lindsay was generously loving and caring towards everyone — me, our kids, family, friends, and her patients. The very fibers of her soul are loving. All I wish for her now is that she can somehow find peace.”

Lindsay Clancy with kids.
Lindsay Clancy was charged with murdering the couple’s 5-year-old daughter Cora and 3-year-old son Dawson.
Facebook/Lindsay Marie Clancy

Lindsay Clancy with baby.
Lindsay Clancy also attempted to kill their 8-month-old son Callan, who died at the hospital Friday.
Facebook/Lindsay Marie Clancy

Patrick wrote of how their marriage “diametrically grew stronger” even as his wife’s condition “rapidly worsened.”

While the details of her condition haven’t been revealed, Lindsey had written online that she was struggling with her mental health after giving birth. Officials are said to be considering the possibility that she was suffering from postpartum psychosis.

In the update, the grieving father also shared anecdotes about his children, who he had found “unconscious, with obvious signs of trauma,” in their home after he had left to pick up take-out on Tuesday.

The fundraiser first had a goal of $500,000, which was reached within a day, prompting the goal to be upped to $700,000, and then to $1 million.

Lindsay, who is expected to face upgraded charges following Callan’s death, allegedly strangled the three children while their father was gone. Police said she then jumped out of a window in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Lindsay and Patrick Clancy with their two oldest children.
Patrick Clancy asked people to “forgive Lindsay, as I have.”
Facebook/Lindsay Marie Clancy

A makeshift memorial outside the home.
A makeshift memorial outside the Clancy home
Boston Globe via Getty Images

“A lot of people have said they can’t imagine and they’re right, there’s absolutely nothing that can prepare you,” the father said. “The shock and pain is excruciating and relentless. I’m constantly reminded of them and with the little sleep I get, I dream about them on repeat.”

“Any parent knows, it’s impossible to understand how much you will love your kids until you have them. The same goes for understanding the devastation of losing them.”


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