This summer’s slew of shark sightings is far from fin-ito — just ask Ginger Zee.

The “Good Morning America” meteorologist had spine-tingling encounters with 10 great white sharks in four hours while studying the species near the coast of Chatham, Mass., she said.

Jaw-dropping footage posted on Instagram Thursday by the celebrity weather woman shows the massive man-eaters lurking below the surface as she accompanies biologists on a shark-tagging boat.

“Tagging great white sharks! We saw 10 in 4 hours. Amazing studying,” Zee posted, along with wild footage from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy mission.

“It tells us where to go and so far we’ve had over a half-dozen that we’ve spotted. Nothing tagged yet,” she wrote in an earlier post.

A shark can then be seen swimming next to the boat before a researcher puts a satellite tracking tag on it.

A shark encountered on a tagging expedition
Meteorologist Ginger Zee said she encountered 10 sharks on a tagging expedition.
A shark encountered on a tagging expedition
Zee saw the sharks off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts.

Fearful fans of Zee — who’s also ABC’s chief meteorologist — urged her to be careful not to get chomped.

“Just watch your arms!” one observer proclaimed in the comments section.

Another added, “The earth is trying to tell humans [to] stay out the water.”

The frightening footage comes after at least four great white sharks were spotted off new New England coastlines during a three-day period earlier this month.

There have also been at least six shark attacks in the waters near Long Island in the past month, officials and victims have warned.

Zee was accompanying a team of biologists.
Zee was accompanying a team of biologists.


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