ProposalSo many classic movie scenes have taken place in cars—from Sandy and Danny’s initial flirtations and eventual argument in Grease in his 1949 Dodge Wayfarer, right through to the first kiss between George McFly and Lorraine by a Ford Crestline Victoria in Back to the Future. It makes sense that cars should play such an important part in romance. Cars are often the scene of a first date, first argument and reconciliation, and sometimes, a proposal. If you and your partner are mad about all things to do with motors and speed, get inspired and make your car a key part of the world’s most romantic proposal.

Driving to Destiny

Whether your first kiss or declaration of love took place in a park, seaside setting, or a simple street corner in your neighbourhood, drive your future fiancée to this spot and get down on bended knee, pulling out a sparkling ring and asking them to be your forever match. This idea hails from David Burtka’s proposal to his long-time partner, Neil Patrick Harris. The couple were on their way to an out-of-town event in a luxurious limousine. Suddenly, David told the chauffeur to stop at the exact spot where they had met five years previously. He got down on one knee and proposed—imagine the emotion! To make this moment extra special, make everything meaningful—the music in your car, the clothes you are wearing, and the ring. Make sure that the proposal ring matches your lover’s style. In the weeks leading up to the event, find out the metals, stones, and cuts they prefer, and aim to make a bespoke selection.

A Road Trip with a Difference

Road trips are soaring in popularity in the US and beyond, and much of their magic has to do with the freedom and independence they represent. A great way to take your loved one’s mind off a proposal so you can truly surprise them, is to suggest a weekend getaway. Conduct research into nearby scenic spots such as mountain peaks, beach coves, and waterfalls. If you have the budget for it, organize for local suppliers to set up a table, meal, and a live musical performer (such as a violinist or singer). Hide the ring in a unique place on the table, such as inside a rose or at the bottom of your lover’s Champagne glass.

Treasure Hunting

If you love adventure and treasures hunts, then your car is the ideal way to get your lover driving to key spots in town to “solve a mystery.” Ask them to get into the vehicle and read the first clue, which should be attached to the steering wheel. The clues should lead your loved one to drive to different areas that have formed the backdrop to the most romantic moments in your relationship. The last stop should be to a beautiful outdoor spot (think beneath a romantic Redwood tree) where you can pop out from behind your secret spot and ask them to be your lifetime partner.

Cars have an inherent romantic quality, as they are all about freedom, escape, and adventure. They are also the spots where many couples first share their thoughts and emotions. If your car has meant something important in your relationship, make it a part of your proposal by turning the event into an exciting, moving affair instead of a typical, static one.



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