These holiday decorators really got the ball rolling with an early display.

A larger-than-life Christmas set-up was transformed into a dangerous game of dodgeball when heavy winds dislodged giant baubles, sending them tumbling down a London street.

A video posted to TikTok and obtained by the Telegraph shows the massive silver balls rolling and bouncing down Tottenham Court Road early Monday morning as smaller cars dodge the enormous spheres.

The first ball rolls across the street and smacks into a post, sending it airborne down the road after shedding a shiny silver coating.

A second silver ball somersaults down the street behind the first one in a scene that elicits a giant-sized pinball machine.

A video from another angle shows the balls rolling into one another.

The wild episode came as the Met Office issued a strong wind warning across parts of the United Kingdom. The country was battered by Storm Claudio with winds howling to 70 miles per hour overnight.

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