Ghislaine Maxwell will use her family’s wealth and notoriety to manipulate more vulnerable inmates when she goes to prison, Prince Andrew’s cousin claims.

Maxwell “will use her advantage to build a sense of camaraderie … while always keeping an eye on staying on top of the food chain,” Christina Oxenberg, a former friend of the convicted sex offender and Andrew’s second cousin, told The Sun newspaper.

Maxwell, 60, was sentenced to 20 years this week for her role in helping billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse young women and girls. Her attorneys requested she serve her time at a minimum security women’s prison in Danbury, CT.

“Unfortunately, the ironic reality is that she will be surrounded by true victims; FCI Danbury and other prisons like it are filled with women who are serving lengthy terms as either scapegoats or because they fought back against abuse themselves,” Oxenberg said Friday.

The federal Bureau of Prisons has final say over where Maxwell will serve her time. Their decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Oxenberg, who had declined to write Maxwell’s autobiography and has worked as a volunteer in Florida jails, said that Maxwell’s prison stay will be “much more comfortable” because of her family’s resources.

Maxwell's attorneys requested that she serve her time at a minimum security prison in Danbury, CT.
Maxwell’s attorneys requested that she serve her time at a minimum security prison in Danbury, CT.
Federal Bureau of Prisons

Maxwell has been supported after her 2020 arrest and incarceration at the Metropolitan Detention Center by her loyal siblings. Their father, the press baron Robert Maxwell, was a billionaire before his mysterious death in 1991.

“She has a vital resource that will make sure she does just fine: support from the outside,” Oxenberg said. “Even better is that that support also comes with fabulous wealth. Money talks just as loudly in prison as anywhere else in the world, in fact even more so, especially to those who don’t have it.”


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