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With over 53% of the global population using social media, and most of these users admitting to being active at least once a day, it’s no wonder that these platforms have grown to become recognized as the dominant channel for effective marketing.

Today, over 97% of all Fortune 500 brands admit to using at least one form of social media marketing. With online networks becoming even more important in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the looming mass adoption of Web 3.0, the pressure for brands to cultivate a social media presence has become greater than ever.

Since 2017, HighKey Enterprises has been at the forefront of digital branding and social media marketing strategies. Through HighKey Clout (the social media marketing department), the firm has leveraged the celebrity giveaway model to build a solid following for all of its clients. Today, HighKey Enterprises collaborates with their Instagram page HighKey Clout to run over 20 campaigns a year with some of the biggest celebrities in the US, having given away over $2 million-worth of cash and prizes since December 2019.

HighKey has also been making waves in digital marketing, through its press and publications branch, HighKey Agency, which provides top level PR packages to their elite clients.

Below, HighKey owners and co-founders Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz expounds on what it takes to create HighKey Clout’s unique brand of high-impact celebrity giveaway campaigns.

Fun, Quick, and Easy

HighKey Clout campaigns, first and foremost, are designed to be fun, quick, and easy for all parties involved. Clients will only need to sponsor the giveaways while celebrities do a couple of photo/video features with HighKey to help advertise the campaign. As a result, sponsors grow their reach and engagement from their HighKey celebrity collaborations.

Fans and followers, on the other hand, will only have to follow the HighKey Clout Instagram @highkeyclout and everyone followed by the page to join the giveaway. Although simply following may not sound like the most engaging activity, the fun comes in the chance to win some incredibly big prizes for simply following celebrities, many of whose fans are already following to begin with.

Jordan says their choice of platform is essential to making sure that HighKey Clout campaigns are easy and effective. “Right now, Instagram is the number one place to be and is the best landing page for your brand. The platform has the most USA-based users for engagement that can be converted as top audiences for your brand.”

Constant Growth

HighKey Clout’s unique model, which requires participating fans to follow everyone followed by the HighKey Clout Instagram page, ensures that there is a lasting impact for clients even when they sponsor just a single HighKey Clout campaign. This distinct strategy has resulted in over 1 million Instagram followers for HighKey Clout and has translated to rapid growth for the social media presence of its clients

Luke has seen a correlation between the past and the present. He says, “Brands sponsor HighKey Clout’s celebrity giveaways because they have seen the impact it’s had on our previous clients. By sponsoring, you become part of an exclusive list that only keeps growing and gaining massive awareness. To ensure this growth, we invest heavily in partnering with celebrities, having so far paid over $5 million for our celebrity collaborations. The payout, though, has been terrific, and often ends with celebrities partnering with HighKey for its other ventures.”

HighKey Enterprises

Go Big or Go Home 

Of course, the massive success of HighKey Clout’s celebrity giveaways also benefits HighKey itself, which the company then redirects to fund bigger celebrity collaborations like with Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, 6ix9ine, Da Baby, Lil Baby, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Lele Pons, Kevin Hart, Floyd Mayweather, 21 Savage, Offset, and Quavo.

Having followed this strategy since their beginnings in December 2019, the company has grown to become a powerhouse in celebrity giveaway campaigns and the number one such company in the US. So far, some of the biggest prizes that have been given away by HighKey Clout include label bags, top-of-the-line tech products, and even luxury cars.

True to its name, HighKey has been showing up big-time not only in its giveaways, but also in delivering in-demand digital marketing services for over five years in a vastly grow


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