A Georgia nurse did one last good deed for a terminally ill patient when she adopted the patient’s beloved dog after the woman died.

Kim Still shared a special bond with one of her elderly patients at Northside Hospital Gwinnett and when the woman died, she knew she couldn’t let her sweet chihuahua mix be left in a shelter, WSB-TV reported.

“I could have never guessed the connection that you develop with some people when you take care of them,” Still told the news station.

She said she connected with her patient the moment she was assigned to her and the woman soon confided to Still that she was worried about what would happen to her dog Jax when she died.

“She didn’t have any kids. She didn’t have any family close by. So all she really had was this dog,” Still said.

When the patient died at the hospital, her family flew in and surrendered Jax to a shelter.

Still couldn’t bare the thought of the loving pooch all alone in an animal shelter, so she decided to head there herself.

Kim Still holds the adoption papers.
Still said Jax is a constant reminder of her special patient and why she became a nurse in the first place.

“I was very worried that he was not going to be given a good chance, and possibly be put down if he didn’t get out of the shelter,” she told WSB-TV.

Still, who already had a dog of her own, confessed to the news station that she never thought she would own two dogs, but she just couldn’t let Jax go. She filled out the adoption papers and he has happily joined her household and is best pals with her other pup.

“I am never going to get rid of him,” she said. “He is so sweet. He is one of the most loving dogs ever.”

The dog sleeps on the couch.
Still said Jax “is one of the most loving dogs ever.”

She added that Jax is a constant reminder of her special patient and why she decided to become a nurse in the first place — to help people.

“They just totally changed my life,” she said of Jax and her late patient.

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