Disgraced Long Island Rep.-elect George Santos showed up solo to the US Capitol to be sworn in for his first day of work Tuesday morning, dodging a series of reporter questions about his heavily fabricated past.

As Santos walked through the halls of a House office building — clad in a blue sweater and business suit and wearing a black backpack — he remained tight-lipped as journalists peppered him with questions about whether he was fit to serve, and the potential of an Congressional ethics investigation.

Santos only spoke to confirm that he would vote for Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House as the California Republican struggled to cement control over his caucus.

The 34-year-old Santos — who was spotted by The Post moving belongings and a pair of dogs into his sister’s Elmhurst apartment last week — claims to be married to a man, but has not been seen with his supposed husband since the scandal over his background broke last month.

The absence of Santos’ husband would be conspicuous on the opening day of the 118th Congress, since married lawmakers typically invite their family members along to Washington to watch them be sworn in.

George Santos arrives at Capitol to be sworn in
Santos, 34, who says he lives with his sister in Huntington, NY, claims to be married to a man, but has not been seen with his supposed husband since the his web of deceit was exposed on Dec. 19.

The openly gay Republican, who was once married to a woman, admitted to The Post last week that he lied about almost every important detail on his resume, including claims he worked for major investment banks, owned more than a dozen properties and attended and graduated from college.

Santos also falsely described himself during the campaign as a “proud American Jew” — and claimed on his official website that his maternal grandparents escaped Nazi persecution in Europe. Last year, Santos also blamed his mother’s 2016 death on the 9/11 terror attacks without evidence.

The lying legislator-to-be, who even went so far as fibbing about what high school he attended, is being probed by both the feds and Nassau County prosecutors to see if his false statements admitted to criminality. A dormant criminal fraud case against him in Brazil was also reportedly set to be reopened.

Santos has so far resisted a growing calls for his resignation both in his district and among his fellow lawmakers in DC.

In the meantime, Santos has become a curiosity, with Aaron Fritschner, Chief of Staff for Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), posting a picture of the Republican’s new office.

“You know, I came into today expecting the unexpected,” Fritschner tweeted, “but I was not even slightly prepared to learn who our new neighbor is.”

“True story,” Fritschner added, “when we moved in next door six years ago this office, 1117, was occupied by Rep. Chris Collins, a New York Republican who was subsequently indicted, arrested, and convicted of fraud and lying to the FBI.”

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