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A hotheaded Florida alligator lunged at a photographer this week after a lengthy standoff in the same park where a man was fatally dismembered last month.

Foster Thorbjornsen, of Seminole, said he was strolling through Taylor Park in Largo when he saw the massive creature surface roughly 20 feet from shore.

“He was the biggest alligator I have seen in the wild,” Bjornsen wrote, estimating its length at 8 to 10 feet.

The shutterbug said he grabbed a zoom lens to take a closeup shot as it glared at him menacingly.

After a long stare down, the reptile instantly lunged at Thorbjornsen the moment he turned away to check his camera.

Alligator lunges at Florida photographer
The gator lunged at the photographer in a Florida park.
Facebook / Foster Thorbjornsen

“The timing of his charge was deliberate,” he wrote on Facebook. “He waited for me to turn and look away. It was nerve wracking and intense.”

The flustered photographer said he felt it was safe to only retreat a few steps back because of a steep embankment between him and a potential mauling.

He came away from the confrontation unscathed.

Thorbjornsen fared far better than a previous visitor to the same park who is believed to have been fatally attacked by a gator while looking for golf discs in the water.

Sean McGuinness, 47, was found in the lake missing three limbs on May 31 and officials said he had likely encountered a gator.

“This is a park frequented by families with small children who often go to the water’s edge,” Thorbjornsen wrote. “Definitely not the ideal place for a large aggressive territorial bull gator.”


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