A home fit for a plural family! Seeking Sister Wife stars Garrick Merrifield and Dannielle Merrifield are building their own custom dream home, one perfectly fit for their polygamist way of living. 

“I have a custom home building company,” the father of two explained on the season 4 premiere in June 2022. “So it’s a lot easier for us, as a family to design a home that fits our plural lifestyle.” 

The custom-designed dream home sits just under 4,000 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Garrick purchased the two acres of land for $57,500 in Buena Vista, Colorado, on April 27, 2020, and Danielle was added to the deed a few months later. 

As for Garrick’s sleeping arrangement with his wives, it was always planned that Garrick would have his own room. 

“This is Garricks’ master and then there’s one more master upstairs,” Dannielle explained as she gave her parents a tour of the home’s construction site. “When Bert and I take turns with Garrick, that will be our room upstairs. So, we’ll kinda share, we’ll have two beds.” 

While it’ll be an “adjustment” for Dannielle to not be with Garrick every night, she added, “I’ve always been really close with my girlfriends, so the whole sharing a room thing is actually kind of exciting to me.”

The property also comes complete with an in-law unit for Dannielle’s parents to be close by and on hand. “My parents, have, basically, their own little apartment, I would call it,” she explained later in the episode. “We wanna be close to them as they age and be able to help them. They’ve been really kind and supportive about us living a plural lifestyle.”

While the home is being built, the couple — who share teenage sons Geremiah and Solomon — are temporarily living in close quarters in a fifth-wheel trailer. 

The Merrifields are taking on the major financial endeavor as they embark on a journey to seek a third wife. The duo courted Brazilian beauty, Roberta — who they met via a polygamy dating site in 2019 — during season 1 and season 2 of the series. After several trips abroad, Garrick proposed to the South American and she said “Yes.” While Roberta’s arrival to the U.S. has been delayed due to the medical issues of close family members, the upcoming season documents the plural couple in their search as they court a third wife. 

New Digs Seeking Sister Wife Stars Garrick Dannielle Merrifield Building Huge Home 2 Acres of Land

‘Seeking Sister Wife.’

“We’ve been working on this house for like, a year and like, three months. It’s been a long journey,” he later explained in a July 2022 episode. “It’s designed for our plural family to accommodate Roberta and future babies and even … a third wife possibly.” 

Scroll below to see progress on the Merrifield’s dream home!


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