Give them a break.

Legendary Italian auto manufacturer Ferrari is recalling over 23,000 vehicles for a braking system defect that could keep the spendy speedsters from stopping.

According to a recall filed late last month with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the issue affects cars across the Ferrari stable — some manufactured as early as 2005.

For a firm that typically sells fewer than 10,000 cars each year, the scope of the recall is massive.

The culprit appears to be the cap to the brake fluid reservoir on the vehicle. The cap could fail to vent, allowing an excess of pressure inside the brake lines.

Grey sportscar in editorial shot with Ferrari F8 Spider written above it
Ferrari is recalling 17 years worth of cars over possible brake failure.

That pressure could in turn cause a brake line to burst, causing a “partial or total loss of braking capability” when the pedal is pushed towards the floor.

In other words, a $60 part could send a $350,000 Italian stallion headlong into a wall.

In a letter to owners of the rowdy roadsters, Ferrari of North America said the issue will be repaired free of charge — once parts are available.

A shiny red sports car is displayed next to a silver sports car as people admire the cars in the background
More than 23,000 Ferrari vehicles are facing the recall for the braking system defect.
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In the meantime, Ferrari said any car should be taken off the road if a low-brake-fluid warning appears on the dash.

The famed race car manufacturer also reminded owners they could use the emergency parking brake.


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