A Cincinnati police officer who appeared regularly on a reality TV cop show a decade ago was suspended after she was caught on body camera dropping the n-word when describing a black high school student.

And she blamed, in part, using the racist slur on music.

“F—ing [n-word], I f—ing hate them,” Officer Rose Valentino said in reference to a teenage boy who walked by her cruiser, according to an internal probe, as reported by the Cincinnati Inquirer and other news outlets.

Valentino was one of four Cincinnati officers featured in the TLC series “Police Women of Cincinnati” back in 2011. The show went “behind-the-scenes in Ohio’s third largest city to capture the dangerous reality of female law enforcement,” according to its IMDb profile.

WLWT 5 reported that Valentino, a member of the force since 2008, was driving in a police car to a stationhouse on April 5 and she got stuck behind a line of cars waiting to pick up students outside Western Hills University High School. When she activated her lights to get cars to move and they didn’t, she became agitated, the internal review reportedly states.

She said the slur when describing a black high school student.
Rose Valentino was heard saying the n-word over body cameras.
Cincinnati Police Department
The show chronicled the dangerous life of being a woman cop in Cincinnati.
Valentino Valentino was one of four Cincinnati officers featured in the TLC series “Police Women of Cincinnati.”
Cincinnati Police Department

The television station reported Valentino then told drivers to move after rolling down her window. As she did that, a black student gave her the middle finger, which is when she used the racist slur.

Valentino said she was frustrated because of the traffic and “individuals not taking her seriously,” WLWT 5 reported, citing the internal report.

“Officer Valentino believed she had been desensitized by music and hearing people talk on the street. Constant exposure has allowed this slur to slip into Officer Valentino’s vernacular,” the report states.

The Inquirer reported she sought treatment after the incident and denied to investigators that any biases affect her police work.

Pureval decried “such hateful, angry and racist language."
Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval ripped Valentino for using the slur.

Outrage ensued from her remarks with the Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Pureval decrying “such hateful, angry and racist language,” the Inquirer reported.

Cincinnati Police Union President Dan Hils said no officer should use a racial slur, the newspaper reported. The union represents every officer in disciplinary hearings, he noted.

The Cincinnati NAACP also denounced the ugly slur used by Valentino.

“This officer does not deserve the privilege of serving the citizens of Cincinnati,” the NCAAP chapter said in a statement. “Her true bias was exposed, and she should not be a police officer.”

Cincinnati police confirmed to WLWT Valentino will be on desk duty as a disciplinary process gets underway.  

“Officer Valentino will not be on city streets in uniform, wearing a badge, or carrying a firearm,” City Manager John Curp said.

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