Even conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is disgusted by Kanye West’s vile declarations of love for Nazis — admitting he was shocked by his “homoerotic” Adolf Hitler “fetish.”

The Infowars host — recently ordered to pay nearly $1.5 billion for calling the Sandy Hook school massacre a hoax — says he feels like he “was sucked into a giant publicity stunt” when the gimp mask-wearing rapper now known as Ye appeared on his show last week.

“He said, ‘I looove Hitler’ — I think he had an orgasm over there,” Jones, 48, told YouTuber Steven Crowder of the fallen fashion mogul’s most troubling confession.

“There’s a real creepy factor with this Hitler stuff,” Jones said, citing similar confessions from alt-right figures such as Richard Spencer as well as Ye’s Holocaust-denying adviser, Nick Fuentes.

“It’s like some homoerotic thing over Hitler … There’s this Hitler fetish. And no, I’m not into dudes in fancy peacock military uniforms — that by the way got 22 million Germans killed,” he said.

Ye in a "gimp mask" chatting to Alex Jones on Infowars last week.
The conspiracy theorist said he was shocked by Ye’s confessions during their interview, during which the rapper wore a “gimp mask.”
Info Wars

Saying he was “basically half German” himself, Jones said that “the biggest killer of Germans in history… is Hitler.”

“Hitler was a disaster. Hitler was an occultist. Hitler was a pedophile. Hitler was horrible. Screw Hitler — burn in hell, Hitler,” he ranted angrily.

“I hate Hitler! … So burn in hell, Hitler!” Jones yelled at one point, leaving Crowder to quip that the host was “my Ye right now.”

Adolf Hitler speaking in 1934.
Jones said there was “a real creepy factor with this Hitler stuff,” which he called “homoerotic.”
Bettmann Archive

Jones said he wants to interview the rapper about the evil of his distorted views — which included him saying that “the Holocaust is not what happened” — when Ye “is not as manic.”

Still, he stressed: “I don’t think he’s mentally ill — I think he’s enjoying himself.

Jones said he’d invited Ye on to show his “deeper side” and discuss the issues he wants to fight for in his much-touted plan to run for the White House in 2024.

Alex Jones interviewed by YouTuber Steven Crowder.
“I hate Hitler! … So burn in hell, Hitler!” Jones yelled during his chat with YouTuber Steven Crowder.
Twitter / @scrowder

He thought Ye was “joking” when he arrived in a “gimp mask” — which he said was “really creepy in person” — before feeling like he was being used for a “giant trolling operation.”

Still, he was not expecting the rapper to repeatedly discuss his love of Nazis and Hitler even after his shocking vow to go “death con 3” on Jewish people and his backing of Fuentes, who sat in on the interview with him.

“Seriously, I didn’t know that Nick Fuentes was really a Nazi lover,” Jones said, calling him “baby Hitler.”

Alex Jones interviewed by YouTuber Steven Crowder.
Jones said he was horrified because he expected Ye to show his “deeper side” and discuss “issues” behind his planned 2024 White House run.
Twitter / @scrowder

“I’ve had him on [the show] over the years, three or four times … and he’d be like, “No, I’m not a Nazi, I just care about white people’s rights.

“So I think this whole thing was a real coming out,” he said.

Jones said he was upset because “Nick says a lot of really good stuff I agree with.”

Nick Fuentes.
Jones called Ye’s adviser, Nick Fuentes, “baby Hitler,” while insisting he didn’t know he “was really a Nazi lover.”
Timcast IRL/YouTube

But “once I heard him endorse that he thinks Hitler’s great, I lost a lot of respect for him,” he said — while saying he would still interview him in the future because “I believe in the first amendment.”

As for his Ye interview, Jones admitted: “I can’t bring myself to watch it again — I can’t stand to watch it.”


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