Just plane rude!

A selfish couple forced an entire Frontier Airlines flight to disembark after they rushed aboard the plane without proper boarding passes — then screamed at crew members who tried to stop them, according to a witness.

“We’re tired!” one of the air-headed jerks can be heard yelling Tuesday, according to footage posted on Instagram.

The duo allegedly slipped to plane to avoid paying an extra fee for baggage then refused to leave amid the Thanksgiving travel rush, passenger @nikki__le posted.

All other passengers were then asked to leave the plane to allow law enforcement to confront the loudmouthed rule breakers, she wrote.

“This couple bolted through and skipped bag measures and boarding pass scanning. Refused to get off the plane,” she said. “Cops came on after we deplaned and escorted them off… They went on the no fly list.”

Inside the Frontier Airlines flight
The couple forced an entire Frontier Airlines flight to deplane.

Tense footage of the disturbance shows an airline employee telling the unruly couple, “You guys need to come out or we’re gonna have to deplane the entire plane.”

One of them then responds, “We’re tired! We’ve been flying for 20 motherf—ing hours with our money. You don’t know what the f—k we’ve been through.”

She adds, “We paid for our ticket just like y’all. We paid just like y’all. I’m not getting off the plane.”

“We’re tired,” claimed one of the unruly passengers.

It wasn’t immediately clear where the flight was taking off from or headed to. The footage was first posted on TikTok but was later removed.

Frontier Airlines didn’t immediately return a request for comment Friday.


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