Speed records weren’t the only things that risked getting smashed.

A prankster tried to turn a marathon in Mexico into a 26.2 mile booze cruise, when he spiked the runner’s water drinks with rum.

The brazen boozehound — who is now being hunted by cops — even filmed himself drunkenly pouring the alcohol into water cups set out at the halfway point of the Mexico City Marathon.

“The f–king race is going to be the best in the world,” the man slurred in Spanish as he poured nearly half of a bottle of clear liquor into the paper cups left unattended on a table.

Authorities say the man — who has not yet been publicly identified — decided to try to get the sportsmen sloshed after leaving a nightclub before 7 a.m. He faces possible poisoning charges for the prank.

Javier Hidalgo Ponce, head of Mexico City’s Sports Institute told reporters that marathon workers realized something was amiss when they came upon the hydration station, and the cups were all replaced before the first runners arrived.

The runners would have already gone some 12 miles by the time they reached the tainted cups.

Ponce said the shock of alcohol halfway into a marathon could have done serious damage to the runners, Costa Rican newspaper La Teja reported.

“It was an alcoholic person who, leaving a club, shortly before 7:00 a.m., placed that alcoholic drink that — for a runner who, already was going to [have run] 20 kilometers [12 miles] — could mean [a risk of] lethality,” he said.

Booze in marathon water
The prankster could face poisoning charges for the prank.

Some 19,000 runners raced in the marathon, according to Running magazine.

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