He’s the number two candidate.

Dr. Mehmet Oz came in for some mockery after old tweets resurfaced Saturday from the former television host discussing bowel movements. The tweets were from Oz’s career as a television doctor, but appear to have been migrated to his US Senate campaign Twitter account.

“What does your ‘poop’ say about your health? Learn here,” reads one tweet from April 2013 with a link to Oz’ web site — which has now been repurposed to accept campaign donations.

Oz has been accused of being out of touch.
Oz’s campaign has been widely mocked by his opponent, John Fetterman, and Twitter users.

“This is the right way to poop,” he offered in August 2019, sharing an article which warns readers they’ve been “pooping wrong their whole life.”

Oz’s Twitter account — which today focuses more on policy and why he’s a better candidate than Democratic rival John Fetterman — once talked at length about more fecal matters. A March 2018 tweet showed video of Oz polling his studio audience about their “wipe type.”

“There are actually four techniques,” he told them. Still elsewhere he discussed whether healthy poop should sink or float.

The tweets came in for a cascade of mockery from the online peanut gallery.

“Always good to have a solid movement politically. If you’re running, you have to get regular, even soft voters to support with every fiber they have. Thank you doctor, for trying to fix things from the bottom up. We’re tired of being number 2,” said one particularly punny twitter user.

“Gotta make a new website so your poop tweets don’t forward to your campaign site,” observed CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski

The poop tweets are another distraction for Oz’s campaign, which has faced relentless mockery over a video he put out documenting the high cost of ingredients for Crudité.

Reps for Oz did not respond to request for comment from The Post.

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