90 Day Fiancé star Tom Brooks clearly has a type! After Tom’s nasty split from ex-girlfriend Darcey Silva played out on season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, the England native moved on with Mariah Fineman. The Las Vegas, Nevada, native made her TLC debut in June 2021 of the discovery+ spinoff, 90 Day Diaries, and it didn’t take long for Tom’s girlfriend to spark plastic surgery rumors. But did she have any cosmetic procedures done? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Mariah Fineman’s transformation. 

What Happened on 90 Day Diaries

Tom debuted his romance with the Lebanon native on the spinoff after meeting her in mid-July 2020. At the time, the United States had travel bans against Tom’s home country of the U.K. amid the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of Tom traveling to Las Vegas to visit Mariah, she took several trips to visit him across the pond. 

During a March 2022 episode of 90 Day Diaries, Tom proposed to Mariah after 1 year of dating. Unfortunately, Mariah declined his proposal but instead of a flat, “no,” Mariah said her response was more of a “not right now.” The couple remained together after Tom’s rejected marriage proposal.

Several months later, Tom spent 90 days in Las Vegas to test what their daily life could be like. However, Mariah’s estranged husband moved back in with her and her children and Tom ended up spending most of his time there alone. 

While the pair made plans to introduce Tom to her kids, Tom explained that if he’s “still sat on the outside looking in,” he may have to “reconsider” his position. 

“After everything been finalized, which I’m hoping is sooner rather than later, this experience has really made me realize I can’t live without Mariah,” he explained in a confessional to producers in June 2022. “I am going to ask her to marry me again and hopefully this time she’ll say yes.” 

Did Mariah Fineman Get Plastic Surgery?

While her romance with the British bachelor has been full of ups and downs, 90 Day Fiancé fans are curious about Mariah’s past plastic surgery procedures. Fans were quick to make comparisons between Mariah and Tom’s ex Darcey, as many felt they resembled each other.

90 Day Fiances Tom Brooks Feuls Engagement Rumors With Mariah Fineman
Courtesy of Tom Brooks/Instagram

“Remember when Mariah and Tom made fun of Darcey for getting plastic surgery and claimed her looks were ‘all natural’?” one fan tweeted. Meanwhile, another wrote, “If we merged Darcey circa 2018 and Darcey now, we’d get Tom’s new girlfriend Mariah.” 

The mom of two seemingly previously denied plastic surgery in a since-deleted comment on Instagram in November 2021, posted onto Reddit. “I’ve had zero work done. Look at my mom and dad. Pics posted,” she wrote. “Thank you for the compliment… I’m Israeli and Armenian. We have big everything.”

Tom also has defended his girlfriend, seemingly revealing that she’s only had Botox done in the past, in a since-deleted comment.  


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