This rookie cop was a little too arresting.

A bodybuilding Detroit police officer has resigned after her chief found out she was sharing porn on an X-rated OnlyFans page, according to the force.

Janelle Zielinski was “posting pornographic videos” on a site she advertised on her Instagram — where she also posted racy pics, including some in uniform, a Detroit Police Department (DPD) official told Fox 2.

Detroit Police Chief James White learned about the OnlyFans site Tuesday and launched an immediate investigation, the force’s director of professional standards, Chris Graveline, told the local station.

He ordered Zielinski to be suspended — only to find out the rookie, who only graduated from the academy in March, had already resigned.

Her resignation letter is effective Sept. 23, but since she was suspended, she will no longer be working, Graveline told the Fox station.

Detroit cop Janelle Zielinski resigned while she was under investigation for sharing “pornographic videos” on her OnlyFans page, authorities said.

While having an OnlyFans page is not illegal, “one of the bedrocks of DPD is you have to keep your private life unsullied as well,” Graveline said, saying that on such matters “Command moves very quickly.”

“Chief White takes these things very seriously because it represents not just DPD but all of the city of Detroit,” Graveline said.

Zielinski had her police uniform on in photos on her Instagram but not in the actual porn material on the OnlyFans page that her social media directed people to, the force said. Most of the racier Instagram pics of her in uniform have also since been deleted.

Janelle Zielinski OnlyFans
The Detroit rookie officer had also posted racy pictures of her in uniform on Instagram, officials said.

Zielinski confirmed the news on the site, where she also shares photos of herself wearing barely-there bikinis as well as bodybuilding pics.

A photo posted Tuesday — the day her chief launched his probe — showed her topless with just her nipples covered.

“I’m going to just say it since everyone’s finding out … I quit DPD to better my life and be with the people I care about and love me,” she wrote on her stories.

A picture of Janelle Zielinski's profile on a social media platform.
Zielinski had also shared photos of herself wearing bikinis as well as bodybuilding pics on the OnlyFans site.

Insisting she had “never been fired, or in trouble whatsoever,” she attacked those who “can’t handle people’s success.”

“That’s on you not me,” she wrote.

Janelle Zielinski
Detroit Police Chief James White learned about the OnlyFans site Tuesday.

Janelle Zielinski
Zielinski said she had “never been fired, or in trouble whatsoever.”

Janelle Zielinski
Zielinski had graduated from the academy in March.

Janelle Zielinski
Zielinski’s resignation letter is effective Sept. 23.

On Thursday, she posted her latest gym flex, writing, “Life’s too [sic] short to give AF.” She did not respond to requests for comment, Fox 2 said.


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