Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has ripped the hypocrisy of his critics being more outraged at him flying a handful of migrants to swanky Martha’s Vineyard than when border crossers die in terrifying conditions.

“It’s really frustrating,” DeSantis told Fox News’ Sean Hannity late Monday, hours after a criminal investigation was launched into his relocation of nearly 50 migrants to the posh Massachusetts hotspot.

“Millions of people since Biden’s been president, illegally coming across the southern border. Did they freak out about that? No.

“You’ve had migrants die in the Rio Grande — you had 50 die in Texas in a trailer because they were being neglected. Was there a freak out about that? No, there wasn’t.

“You’ve had criminal aliens get across that southern border and victimize Americans, killing some, raping some. Was there any type of outrage about that? No.

“It’s only when 50 [migrants] get put into Martha’s Vineyard” that there was outrage, he said, dismissing it a “virtual signaling.”

Migrants get off plane in Martha's Vineyard last week.
DeSantis insisted all 50 flown to Martha’s Vineyard had “”signed consent forms to go.”
Office of Gov DeSantis

DeSantis insisted that left-wing areas like Martha’s Vineyard “said they wanted this, they said they were a sanctuary jurisdiction.”

“And not only did they not welcome them — they deported them the next day with the National Guard! Give me a break,” he said.

A Venezuelan migrant reacts as he is led onto a bus in Martha's Vineyard Friday.
Florida’s governor ripped the hypocrisy of those in the sanctuary destination saying they welcomed the migrants just to immediately send them away.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said Monday that his office is probing whether the migrants, primarily from Venezuela, were illegally “lured” to board flights from San Antonio to Florida and then finally Massachusetts. 

“Somebody came from out of state, preyed upon these people, lured them with promises of a better life,” Salazar said at a news briefing.

However, DeSantis insisted that everyone on the flights had “signed consent forms to go” and was given maps and information on help they would get once at the final, Democrat-run destination.

“So it was clearly voluntary, and all the other nonsense you’re hearing is just not true,” he said.

“And why wouldn’t they want to go, given where they were,” he said, saying the flown-out migrants had been “in really really bad shape” in overrun border towns.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.
The governor spoke out hours after Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said his office was investigating if the migrants had been “lured.”

He also ripped Martha’s Vineyard for complaining that they “didn’t have housing” for the few dozen arrivals.

“Let’s just say that is true for a minute — well what does that mean for these poor towns in Texas? What does it mean for these other places across the country that are seeing influx? What does it mean to these small towns that Biden has dumped so many people in?” he asked.

Venezuelan migrants in Martha's Vineyard.
Even if it was true that Martha’s Vineyard did not have enough housing, ”
what does that mean for these poor towns in Texas” overrun by border crossers, DeSantis asked.

He maintained that the real focus should be on President Biden’s disastrous border policies that have allowed record numbers of migrants to stream in, with many of them saying they see the US as an open border.

“I think what we’ve been able to do is show that this border is a disaster. Biden has failed on this as much or more than any other policy, and now people are talking about it,” he said, calling it a “front-burner issue” for elections.

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