Dell is discontinuing its Mobile Connect app and it will soon be unavailable for download worldwide. The app is used to sync your smartphone’s text messages, calls, notifications, and more to your computer. It allows users to send text messages and make phone calls through their computers. The Mobile Connect app came pre-installed on all Bluetooth-enabled Dell Inspiron, Vostro, G-Series, and XPS devices running Windows 10 or later. Alienware PCs will get a modified version of this app called Alienware Mobile Connect that offers the same features. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Dell Mobile Connect’s support page says it will be removed from its website on July 31 for all countries except the US, Canada, and Japan. The app will stop working later this year on November 30th. Meanwhile, for the above three countries, Dell Mobile Connect will be phased out on November 30th and will be discontinued on January 31st next year.

Dell also said on its support page that it advises users to uninstall the Dell Mobile Connect app before its regional end date. This would supposedly ensure an optimal device experience for users.

As a reminder, the Dell Mobile Connect application was first introduced at CES 2018. It has been pre-installed on Dell laptops since January 2018. In addition to messaging and calling, the application has screen mirroring and can work without the Internet.

However, this app is not pre-installed on Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 which was recently launched in India. This laptop has a 13-inch four-sided Infinity Edge display with a UHD+ screen. It is powered by a 12th-generation Intel Core 28W processor. Its price in India starts from Rs. 1,59,990 for the ADL-P Ci5-1240P 12-core model.

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