A crazed Canadian man forced a flight from Poland to Toronto to make an emergency landing in Iceland on Thursday after he tried to open the plane’s door and had to be tackled by fellow passengers.

LOT Polish Airlines, which was operating the flight, told Canadian media the unnamed man began shouting at crew members after they refused him alcohol.

It took at least five passengers to subdue the passenger, and LOT said crew members believed he was about to hit one of them

Video images of passenger on plane.
It took at least five passengers to subdue the man.
The unruly passenger was escorted off the plane in Iceland by police.

“He managed to get away and at one point the passenger ran to the plane doors and tried to open them midair,” LOT spokesperson Krzysztof Moczulski told CTV News Toronto.

Video of the scene shows multiple passengers standing up mid-flight to deal with the passenger, including tackling him in the aisle.

A passenger told CTV that the man, who had to be escorted off the plane in Iceland by police, was spitting on people and screaming.

“He was in the back of the plane fighting with the flight attendants,” the unnamed witness said. “It was just non-stop.

“People were restraining him because he was throwing water bottles at flight attendants … He was also spitting on other passengers. At one point he was yanking on the plane door.”

Because of airline regulations, the LOT flight had to return to Poland, and the airlines put up all the passengers in a hotel until they could fly out again on Saturday.

It is not clear if the man has been charged with any crimes or been fined for his behavior.

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