Donald Trump weighed in on the “coverup” of Hunter Biden’s laptop, sharing a new poll that found most Americans following the scandal believe he would have won reelection had there been “truthful” coverage of the device.

The poll found 79% of people surveyed thought if the press and the government had verified that Hunter had leveraged his father’s influence for overseas business dealings — as first reported by The Post — Trump “likely” would have regained the White House.

The findings came as Sen. Ron Johnson publicized a whistleblower’s accusation that the FBI ordered agents to slow-walk the investigation into the laptop, so as not to influence another presidential election — a reference to the 2016’s October surprise probe into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Hunter Biden
Intimate images of Hunter Biden were found on his laptop.
New York Post cover for Saturday, March 19, 2022.
New York Post cover for Saturday, March 19, 2022.
Hunter Biden
Other media outlets and social media giants originally attempted to discredit the photos and information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Wisconsin Republican is also asking to grill the feds, who he said tried to discredit his investigation into Hunter’s international business as “Russian disinformation.”

Trump referenced both developments in his Saturday evening missive while repeating his disproven claims of election fraud.

“8 of 10 voters in major poll say that the “Laptop from Hell” coverup played a major roll (sic) in the 2020 Presidential Election result,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.

“The FBI had the Laptop, but refused to divulge information because that would be bad for Biden. Even worse, sold the story to media as Russian “Disinformation,” knowing that was FAKE NEWS. But don’t feel bad, far worse things took place during that Rigged and Stolen Election, and our Country is paying a very BIG price!”

The Post’s exposé was widely ignored or refuted by many mainstream outlets and banned and suppressed on social media at the time. Earlier this year, The New York Times and Washington Post reversed course, and acknowledged the emails The Post reported on were authentic.

Some 22,000 emails on the hard drive of the computer left at a Delaware repair shop show how President Joe Biden was intertwined in his son’s business relationships in Ukrainian and Chinese energy companies while the Democrat served as vice president.

The computer also contained raunchy images of the younger Biden having sex and doing hard drugs.

Hunter Biden
The images and emails were discredited as Russian propaganda prior to the election.

Federal prosecutors are said to be weighing tax and foreign lobbying charges against Hunter, 52, who has not been charged with a crime and has denied accusations of impropriety in concert with President Biden, who is not under investigation.

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