They got two rides for the price of one.

A daringly frisky couple have been charged with public indecency after they were caught allegedly having sex aboard an Ohio Ferris wheel Sunday night.

The handsy duo, David Davis and Heather Johnston, both 32, allegedly did the deed inside a chair of the Giant Wheel inside the Cedar Point amusement park just after dark and were spotted by fellow riders — including minors, Sandusky police told local NBC-affiliate WKYC.

Amusement park sign reading Welcome to Cedar Point.
Onlookers said they saw everything during the couple’s X-rated act on the children’s ride.

Davis, of Florida, and Johnston, of Ohio, laughed off onlookers who watched in astonishment as their alleged sex act could be seen in plain sight, witnesses told investigators.

Two women and two girls — under the age of 18 — who were in the Ferris wheel chair behind the rowdy pair said they saw everything and reported the X-rated ride to police.

The couple initially denied having sex on the children’s ride and claimed Johnston had just bent over to pick up a pack of cigarettes that had fallen, WKYC reported.

They later confessed to knocking boots after learning two of the onlookers were minors and were booked at Erie County Jail.

Davis and Johnson are facing higher charges because they were seen making whoopie by two people under age 18. Both were charged with first-degree misdemeanors, meaning they could face up to 180 days behind bars.

The pair is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in Sandusky Municipal Court, according to the local outlet.


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