Haven’t these goons ever heard “Hakuna Matata”?

Police made an arrest in connection with an unprovoked beating of a married couple who were leaving an Elton John concert in Los Angeles Thursday night.

The incident started when a man got out of his car to question a group of men and women who had forcefully hit his side mirror while walking past the vehicle outside Dodger Stadium, according to KABC-TV.

The group then began attacking the victim in a beatdown that was partially caught on camera.

A still image from the attack
The beating, which was partially caught on camera, came after a driver confronted a group who walked into his side mirror.
Nicole Renteria
Jamie talks to ABC
The victim declined to give his last name to KABC-TV and asked the outlet to blur his face out of fear of retaliation.

The victim, a Santa Cruz man named Jamie, reportedly suffered a broken leg and a concussion. He recounted his ordeal to the outlet, and asked it to blur his face and withhold his last name out of fear of retaliation.

“Next thing I know, big gorilla’s coming at me. This guy was wailing on me. I fought back but I don’t think I did anything,” Jamie said.

“They got me on the ground, next thing I know I see other legs. People pummeling me. My wife came, she said she was pulling people off of me,” the Rocket Man fan continued.

“Grabbed the girl and they pulled her hair, she pushed her off and then the guy that hit me attacked her, threw her on the ground. She was on the ground knocked out, I was knocked out. Nobody came to help us.”

Police arrested an unidentified suspect in connection with the attack on Nov. 18, a day after the concert, the outlet reported.

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