Avengers, assemble!

Peruvian officers disguised as characters from the hit Marvel “Avengers” franchise blended in with trick-or-treaters during Halloween celebrations to make a massive drug bust.

Four officers — dressed as Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor and Black Widow — made the genius move on the drug lords during a scheme to promote a Halloween concert on Saturday, according to Peruvian National Police.

Naming their operation “Marvel,” the crime-fighting superheroes patrolled the streets of San Juan de Lurigancho — one of the most dangerous areas in Peru — when they pinpointed a specific house in the area.

When Spider-man and friends arrived, the officers kicked down a steel door using special equipment and proceeded to draw their guns on each of the drug gang, according to police.

Cop as Spider-Man.
Cops successfully seized 3,250 small packages of basic cocaine paste, 287 bags of cocaine and 127 bags of marijuana.
Peruvian National Police/AFP via Getty Images

Three men and one woman were arrested in the raid, where cops successfully seized 3,250 small packages of basic cocaine paste; a crude extract of the coca leaf; and 287 bags of cocaine along with 127 bags of marijuana.

When the superheroes swooped through the door, the suspects reportedly thought it was a prank, but several other undisguised officers followed into the house.

“In this building an entire family was dedicating themselves to the micro-commercialization of drugs. The drugs were going to be sold in a park nearby,” said police Colonel David Villanueva.

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