Sage Hospitality Group believes the solution is a four-day work week instead of five.

The Denver-based company is actively offering a four-day work week to attract and retain Gen Z employees.

Sage Hotel Management president and COO Daniel del Olmo joined “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday to explain that the new business model aims to spark a better work-life balance while also keeping Gen Zers on the payroll.

“We’ve always really thought that it’s important to be driven by purpose,” he said. 

“And our purpose is enriching lives, one experience at a time.”

Del Olmo explained that the company’s mind set applies to guests and associates.

Sage has 6,000 employed workers across the country.

Employees hired to work the shorter week will be offered the same five-day work-week salary — and have the option to mix and match the four days they work each week.

“You can take one day during the week and work on your home renovations — and then take two days off and take your family to the mountains here in Colorado,” he said.

Daniel del Olmo added that employees will be able to bring their dogs to work.
Employees will still be paid as if they work five days a week.

On top of touting a four-day work week, Sage Hospitality is also allowing employees to bring their dogs to work as well.

“Dogs are just a great compliment to our associates and our guests,” he said.

“And they actually even sometimes act as ambassadors … to really welcome guests to their new home as they’re traveling.”

Del Olmo described the job’s flexibility as “hugely attractive” to all generations in search of work-life balance.

“That then translates into happy associates, then translates into happy guests,” he said. “And that really delivers a meaningful experience.”

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