A 6-year-old girl in Colorado managed to flag down help for her overdosing mother, who was taking fentanyl.

Wheat Ridge Police Department released a statement Sunday reporting the rescue of the toddler after her cries for help were heard by a passing mail carrier.

The child’s mother was unconscious in the driver’s seat.

“We are incredibly grateful to the concerned community member who came to the rescue of the little girl (that’s right, there was a child involved) in the second call. Her mother pulled the vehicle they were in to the side of the road, used Fentanyl, then passed out,” the police wrote in a statement.

“A mail carrier heard the 6-year-old calling for help and called us. This could have been so much worse, but we are relieved to report the little girl is safe with a family member after the driver was arrested,” the report added.

This was the WRPD’s second fentanyl-related arrest in the same report.

An officer investigated a vehicle in a motel parking lot with two unconscious passengers. 

After finding the woman to be high on fentanyl, she was taken into custody. The vehicle was found to be stolen.

Woman standing
Police found the mother high on fentanyl.
Fox News

Fentanyl has rapidly become one of the most lethal opioid epidemics in the United States.

Border Patrol agents made an arrest in California early Monday morning after pulling over a driver attempting to smuggle around 250 pounds of fentanyl.

A 2015 Black GMC was stopped on an interstate near Campo, California, around 3:00 a.m., and a Border Patrol K-9 conducted a sniff and alerted agents to the vehicle. 

Child with face blurred in backseat of car
It’s was WRPD’s second fentanyl-related arrest in the same report.
Fox News
mugshot of mom
The mother had been unconscious in the driver’s seat.
Fox News

Agents searched the vehicle and discovered multiple bundles concealed within the automobile’s spare tire and gas tank. The bundles tested positive for fentanyl.

This amount of fentanyl has an estimated street value of more than $3,600,000, according to CBP.


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