A video Tuesday showed the eerie glow of incendiary ammunition falling on the village of Ozerne in eastern Ukraine, on the front lines of the battle for the Donbas.

The drone footage, posted by Ukrainian lawmaker Roman Hryshchuk, shows hundreds of fiery sparks falling on a rural intersection, setting trees and buildings alight.

“This is horrible,” Hryshchuk said.

The Ukrainian MP did not indicate when the footage was taken, but a review of satellite imagery by The Post confirms the location as the northern portion of Ozerne, a village in the Donetsk province.

Ozerne was among the villages liberated in Ukraine’s surprise northern counteroffensive earlier this month, and Russia has taken to bombarding the territory it’s lost.

The distinctive, firework-like signature of the weapon used against Ozerne — and the intense white color of its flame — indicate the use of a magnesium-based incendiary weapon.

A screengrab from drone footage shows magnesium incendiary munitions falling on the recently liberated Ukrainian village of Ozerne
The drone captured the magnesium incendiary munitions falling on the liberated Ukrainian village of Ozerne.

Similar weapons were reportedly used in 2014 during the first skirmish for the Donbas, the eastern industrial region of Ukraine consisting of the Luhansk and Donetsk provinces.

The Soviet-era 9M22S magnesium-tipped rocket is likely in both country’s arsenals — and similar starburst incendiary explosions have been reported over the Russian-occupied city of Donetsk, where Russian separatists have long accused Ukraine of targeting civilians.

While incendiary weapons are not strictly illegal under international law, their intentional use against civilian targets is.

It was unclear on Tuesday whether there were any casualties during the strike on Ozerne. The village, less than 10 miles from the contested city of Lyman, is effectively on the front line.


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