A California mother attacked in a parking lot with her child in her arms is voicing her outrage after a charge against the suspect was reportedly dismissed.

“I’m trying to figure out why she’s not being held responsible for hitting a 1-year-old child,” Clarissa Guevara told KTTV-TV on Wednesday after the charge was dropped against the female suspect, who was seen on video attacking Guevara in a Hemet, California, parking lot as she clutched her young child. “I’m trying my hardest to have my baby’s voice heard.”

Guevara says the incident, which happened six months ago and led to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge against the suspect, stemmed from a domestic issue that a former friend of hers was upset about.

On Monday, KTTV-TV reported that the charge against the woman was dropped by the Riverside County Superior Court due to lack of courtroom space. 

The county has reportedly dismissed more than 200 criminal cases due to lack of space, citing a backlog from the coronavirus shutdown and a shortage of judges. 

Guevara told KTTV-TV that she is still struggling to cope with the emotional toll of the attack, which was caught on surveillance video.

The attack led to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge.
Clarissa Guevara and her 1-year-old were attacked in a parking lot.
Clarissa Guevara/Facebook
The incident stemmed from a domestic issue that a former friend of hers was upset about.
The charges against Guevara’s attacker were dropped.
Clarissa Guevara/Facebook

“That scream I heard that day, I would never forget that screaming,” Guevara told the outlet about the attack in Hemet, roughly 90 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

“She punched my daughter in the face,” Guevara added. “My 1-year-old daughter.”

The Riverside County Superior Court directed Fox News Digital to a news release in late October explaining the rationale and conditions that led to some cases being dismissed due to various issues including the coronavirus pandemic.

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