Chantel Jimeno (née Everett) first appeared on TV screens at 25 years old when she and her estranged husband, Pedro Jimeno, were first starting their relationship on 90 Day Fiancé. The Atlanta, Georgia, native’s family drama with her husband’s relatives earned the couple spots on seasons 2, 3 and 4 of Happily Ever After? and even their own spinoff in 2019, The Family Chantel. 

While fans have watched Chantel’s glow-up over the years, she’s no stranger to the plastic surgery rumors — even from her fellow TLC costars. The brunette beauty first sparked breast augmentation rumors during season 1 of HEA in 2016

In November 2020, the TLC personality addressed the speculation in a series of Instagram Stories. “Always had boobs,” she captioned a photo of herself as a teen. “Then I grew up.” The nurse went on to share a throwback picture from 2009 next to a photo taken in 2019, with her chest appearing to be the same size in both pictures. 

While she shut down the rumors, the reality TV alum said she believes in doing whatever “makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.” 

“Working out, makeup, even surgery. People keep asking about ‘my surgeries,’” Chantel continued. “I just wanted to make it known that I have not had any, but do believe [in] having the confidence to do what makes you feel beautiful.”

The 90 Day Fiancé alum took it a step further when she brought TLC viewers along for a job interview with a local plastic surgeon in season 2 of The Family Chantel. When Chantel was asked if she ever had any cosmetics enhancements herself, she replied, “A little bit of Botox right here,” while pointing at her forehead. 

“I feel like the injections that I have reserved some of the signs of stress that Pedro and his family have inflicted upon me,” she shared in a solo confessional in 2019. However, when the producer tried to confirm if that’s the only work she’s done in the past — she simply smiled sweetly and replied, “I don’t want to say things that don’t matter.” 

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