Updates about our product line!

I wanted to take a minute or two of your reading time to talk about some updates we have made to our product line.

  1. We are offering some of the cleanest and best made CBD oil out there. Check out our reviews – they are 100% legit and really make us very proud.
  2. We’ve had to remove our vapes from the product line. (sigh). This is because of some new regulations in effect by the USPS and the ATF. If you wanted to learn more, you could read a nice summary in our Vape section.
  3. We’ve changed our 2500mg CBD, which we offer in Natural and Peppermint flavors, into 2000mg. People LOVE our 2500mg CBD… so why, why, Matt, did you do this?
    1. As we’ve improved our terpene and cannabinoid extraction over years of practice, we are getting more concentrated cannabinoids right after CO2 extraction. We like that, we like giving you all the cannabinoids you ask for and more – that is why you are looking for Full Spectrum (read, max efficiency) CBD.
    2. With that, comes something that is a sticky point – we come close in our 2500mg CBD to the legal limits of THC which is 0.3% THC. That is really a minuscule amount (the evil step sister marijuana has at least 30% – 60% THC in it). The more CBD we want, the more THC we get as well – that is how it works.
    3. In order to make sure we are well below the legal limit of 0.3% THC, we decided to decrease our max available full spectrum CBD to 2000mg.
    4. What does this mean for you? A couple of things…
      1. You can still get the great effect of high potency CBD using 2000 mg CBD.
      2. For customers that have LOVED our 2500mg CBD, what you can do is slightly increase your dose to get the same amount in each dropper. 1 dropper of 2500mg CBD is the same as ~1.5 droppers 2000mg CBD. A dropper of 2500mg CBD is 83mg CBD and a dropper of 2000mg CBD is 67mg CBD (so not a huge difference really).
      3. You get a 2000mg product that is less expensive than the 2500mg was…
  4. We are working on some new products and formulating in the lab as we speak. I will keep you in some suspense here for now.

Bottom line – we are customer oriented and want to give you what you want. We are here to help and we love chatting about CBD. Just contact us via email, phone, text, chat bot – whatever works for you. We are on the ready and with you.


Thank you,


Owner and Organic Chemist




What Is CBD Bio-availability?

CBD bioavailability is known as the degree and rate in which the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream. The CBD bioavailability determines the amount and strength of the CBD along with its level of effect. 

The bioavailability of CBD is based upon the concentration of CBD as well as the route of entry/consumption method. Below you will find the various ways in which you can consume CBD, and the bioavailability of each method.

Oral Consumption of CBD: Capsules, Edibles, Beverages

When CBD is administered orally through edibles, beverages and capsules its CBD bioavailability is drastically reduced as CBD is not readily absorbed. CBD is fat-soluble which means it is challenging for the body to absorb. A study in 2009 reported that the bioavailability of CBD that has been orally consumed is left at only 4% to 20%. Therefore, if you consumed a beverage containing 100mg of CBD, only 20mg would actually reach your bloodstream. 

Sublingual Consumption of CBD: Tinctures, Lozenges, Sprays 

The sublingual gland, located under the tongue, is able to absorb CBD directly into the bloodstream through CBD tinctures, lozenges or sprays. Sublingual consumption impacts the body in a fast form and has a higher level of bioavailability (12-35%). 


At Peak City CBD, we like to keep it on track and simple. We offer topicals and sublingual oils. That is THE way to go for introduction of CBD into the body. Give it a try!!