Friends in Low Places 2022 was held at the Call Family Distillery in from June 3-June 4, 2022. The show brings in hundreds of vehicles and attendees ready to enjoy some family fun through the vehicles, live music, auction, vendors, and more!

Friends in Low Places 2022 brought in a lot for a two day show.  Between judging, awards, art auctions, live music, cruise in, and much more; there wasn’t much missing! You were also able to see a wide variety of vehicles from your bare metal classics to fully custom restored classics, you had mini trucks, bagged mid/fullsized trucks, lifted trucks, classic trucks, and more.

Starting Friday night at the Distillery, attendees meet up for a cruise in.  It allows for everyone to get together and enjoy the night before a day filled with Car Show fun.  When Saturday came around, it started off bright and early.  The day went fast as there was so much to do and a lot to see.  Friends in Low Places 2022 was the furthest thing from a let down, we had a great time and you can tell everyone who attended did too!

What kind of show would it be if you also did not have a variety of vendors with food and clothing to have you all set for the event. Later on you were able to enjoy the pin up contest, charity auction, and sample some of the drinks from the local distillery!  Adding some drinks to an already good time just tops off the event!

We are ready for the 2023 show and already have it marked in our calendars!

Photos by: Chris Gosda


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Rolling in the Red Rocks

Rollin in the Red Rocks 2022 was held on May 21, 2022 in St. George, Utah.  Bringing in all kinds of vehicles ranging from the all-original classics to your full-blown custom cars and trucks, we enjoyed every aspect of the show!

The event was created by someone who wants people to come back for years to come.  With the venue, location, vendors, and vehicles; for us, we can say we will be back.

Friday of the show was used for vendors to roll in and set up their area.  With shirts, parts, food, and memorabilia for the event, the vendors also had a great weekend!  Friday was also for show cars to come in and prepare their vehicle for show as well as pre registration and new registration packet pickup!

Saturday was the start of the entire event.  Their Saturday schedule was filled with fun!

8am – Day of Show Registration Opens

11am – End Registration

12pm – Limbo Contest

2pm – Axe Throwing Tournament

5pm – End of Show

6pm – Meet Up for Cruise

6:30pm – Cruise Begins

8pm – Indoors Opens for Indoor Show Vehicle’s to Park

9pm – Indoors Closes for the Night

Saturday was over 12 hours of fun, but it went by in the blink of an eye! Sunday came quick and although the show was still on, it was not nearly as long as Saturday.

Sundays Schedule went:

9am – Show Begins

10am – Raffles Drawn and Posted

2pm – Final Raffles/Auction

2:30pm – Award Ceremony

End of Show/Move Out

It came time for us to pack up Sunday and as we were leaving, we felt sad that there was not more time!  Between the location and Rolling in the Red Rocks show itself, this show was for sure unlike any other event we have gone to.

They have locked in their 2023 dates, and you can bet we will be there!

Photos by: Cheri Delgadillo


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Jalopies for Jackson 2022 was held in Lewisville, IN on May 21, 2022.  Known for not only bringing in the sickest rides around, but for also bringing awareness and raising funds for childhood cancer!

Jalopies for Jackson started in 2012 for a young boy named Jackson.  Jackson was diagnosed with 3 brain tumors before the age of 8, so the family decided to start a car show to raise awareness but also for the family to help pay it forward for all of the help that they have received.  Through many treatments, we are proud to announce that Jackson kicked cancers ass!

We have made sure to attend the show for the past few years, but in 202o COVID affected Jalopies for Jackson just like it did many of the other shows.  In 2021, they were torn on whether or not to have a show to continue keeping families and fans safe, so they compromised on a one night cruise in.  But this year, the show was back on strong!

With hundreds of vehicles, a great atmosphere, and amazing awards; this show is one we never forget.  We especially love the award Jacksons Pick!  Congratulations to this years winner!

Jalopies for Jackson 2022

This show is know for giving back to their community. This year, they were accepting donations for the St. Baldricks Foundation which funds childhood cancer research.  They aso had a blood drive truck from the Indiana Blood Center for those who chose to donate blood.  Also, those who attended were asked to bring new, unopened Hot Wheel and Matchbox cars so that the family could take those to Riley Hospital for Children.

We are happy that after a two year hiatus, Jalopies for Jackson 2022 is back and better than ever.  We had an amazing time and we cannot wait for the 2023 event!

Photos by:  Todd Atkins


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uber accidentsDetermining liability in an uber accident needs legal expertise. Several parties may be liable for the accident. These include the Uber driver, Uber company, and other third parties involved in the accident.

An Uber accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and understand your options. It is vital to find an experienced one who is familiar with the laws regarding ride-sharing companies.

Here are reasons why you need a lawyer to determine liability.

Complex Legal System

The legal system can be complex in cases involving accidents with ride-sharing services like Uber. Multiple parties may be involved, each with its legal interests and potential liabilities.

For example, the driver may have been working for Uber at the time of the accident but may also be an independent contractor, which could affect their potential liability.

Additionally, the laws surrounding ride-sharing companies like Uber can vary from state to state. Some states have enacted specific laws that govern the operations of these companies, while others have yet to do so. A case’s legal process and the outcome can vary depending on where the accident occurred.

Knowledge of State Laws

Due to the complex ride-sharing laws, you cannot prove liability alone. A lawyer knowledgeable of the state laws where the accident occurred can help you understand how these laws apply to your case.

They can also help identify the liable parties and seek evidence to hold them accountable.

Insurance Issues

Ride-sharing companies maintain liability insurance policies on behalf of their drivers. However, the coverage and exclusions on those policies can vary. They may not always provide the protection drivers or passengers expect.

For example, some policies may only provide coverage when a driver actively provides a ride to a passenger through the platform. Sometimes, when the app is off and the driver is not providing a service, the driver ought to have personal coverage.

An Uber accident attorney can help you understand your rights under the insurance policies maintained by the company. This will ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to. They can also help you navigate any disputes with the insurance company and represent your interests in negotiations.

Gathering Evidence

To build a strong case, you will need to gather evidence such as police reports, witness statements, and other documents. Your lawyer can help you identify the evidence most relevant to your case and assist you in obtaining it.

Proving Negligence

Proving negligence is crucial in determining liability in an accident involving a service like Uber. In an Uber driving accident, negligence can occur if the driver fails to exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicle.

To prove negligence, you should establish a duty of care, breach of duty, causation, and damages. These can be hard to prove without legal help from a lawyer. Your lawyer can aid in establishing the liability of an Uber accident, thus getting you the deserved reimbursement.

Handling Negotiations and Trial

After an accident, the driver’s insurance company or Uber company may contact the victim to offer a settlement. The settlement offer may not always be fair to cover the victim’s expenses. An attorney can help you evaluate settlement offers and negotiate with the insurance company.

If the other party is unwilling to settle the case out of court, a lawyer can help you prepare for trial and represent you in court.

Before You Leave

Determining liability in an accident involving Uber services can involve multiple parties and various legal and insurance issues.

Hiring an experienced Uber accident attorney can be crucial for ensuring that your interests are protected. They can work with you to build a strong case and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Remember that every case is different, and an attorney will help you understand the specific details of your case and the best way to move forward. 


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Getting into a road truck accident is a traumatic event. You can get severe injuries, and your vehicle may need repair. You may also face significant mental trauma from the incident. If your truck gets involved in a road accident, your insurance might require you to repair it. However, you must first ensure you are out of harm’s way. You should also consider legal action against the individual responsible for the accident. Here’s what you should do:

Get Medical Attention after a truck accident

You might be tempted to treat your injuries yourself or shrug off any pain after an accident. However, that may invite long-term complications. Your injuries can range from minor road rashes and bone fractures to potentially life-threatening injuries like traumatic brain injuries. Only a medical professional can differentiate between minor and significant injuries, so don’t self-diagnose or self-medicate. A report from the hospital will also be helpful if you decide to take legal action against the party causing the accident. 

Prepare for Legalities

Many states mandate that you call the police immediately after your accident. When a police officer arrives, they will compile an accident report which your insurance company might need. If you’re conscious, stay vigilant and document every necessary detail, like the vehicle’s number, color, and make. Note the road conditions and the weather, as well as your injuries. You will need this information if you decide to sue the responsible driver. Get an auto accident attorney and determine if you can receive financial compensation. Your attorney may help you reach a settlement with the responsible driver’s insurance company or file a lawsuit.   

Deal With Your Insurance Company

You will submit the accident report the police officer makes to your insurance company to file a claim. 38 states follow a ‘fault’ policy in which you can seek compensation from individuals at fault for the accident or from your insurance. Twelve states follow a ‘no fault’ policy in which you can only seek compensation from your insurance company. Most insurance companies offer collision coverage, making you eligible for a payout when you get into an accident. You can also get the payout if you collide with an object like a tree instead of another vehicle. 

Get Your Truck Repaired or Junked

You can DIY some repairs, but you may cause more damage, so take your vehicle to an auto shop. You can get your truck repaired by an auto shop your insurance company recommends. The shop will examine your vehicle and estimate the cost of repairing the damage. The insurance company will then approve the repairs, and you can drop your truck off at the shop. In case the damages are too extensive, your insurance company will not authorize the repairs. In such a scenario, consider selling your truck to a junkyard to get extra cash to buy a new truck.


Getting into an accident can be scary. You must ensure your physical, mental, and legal well-being when you get into an accident. See a medical specialist to ensure you don’t get any long-term damage from the accident. Report the accident to the police and file an insurance claim. Pick a suitable repair shop to get your truck repaired. If the accident wasn’t your fault, consider seeking compensation from the responsible driver. An auto accident attorney can help you reach a fair settlement.


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holidayHolidays are a time of fun, gratitude, love, and happiness. People plan trips and vacations to spend their holidays with the ones they love. But, unfortunately, car accidents also increase during holiday. For example, around the Christmas holidays in 2020, more than 3000 traffic-related fatalities were recorded in the U.S. To learn more about why car accidents are common during holidays and what holidays cause the most car accidents, continue reading. 

Why are Car Accidents Common During the Holidays? 

There are many reasons why car accidents can spike during the holidays, including more traffic on the road due to holiday shopping for gifts and traveling to meet friends and family. According to, there is also an increase in alcohol consumption during holidays, which can lead to more accidents involving driving under the influence. In 2018, the rate of impaired driving-related fatalities increased by 37% during the holidays from 29% the rest of the year. 

Weather conditions can also contribute to car accidents during certain holidays in the winter season, especially for regions that get snow. The roads can be slick and slippery, posing a threat to all motor vehicles. In addition, thousands of people are injured each year during the holiday season on the roads of the U.S. due to driver distraction, such as using a cell phone when driving. With so much happening during holidays and so much to think about, it is not surprising that driver distraction increases during such times. 

Another reason car accidents are common during holidays is that many people take time off work and are on the road more often than normal. This adds to congestion on the road, increasing the chances of car accidents during peak times. There is also a larger number of tourists who may not be familiar with local driving conditions. All these factors contribute to the rise of car accidents during the holiday season. 

Holidays that Cause Most Car Accidents: 

The following are the holidays with the most car accidents: 

Memorial Day 

Memorial Day is known for being the deadliest holiday to drive across the U.S. In 2020, around 400 traffic-related fatalities occurred on Memorial Day. A high percentage of these crashes involved drunk motorists, making impaired driving the leading cause of traffic incidents on Memorial Day.   

Labor Day 

Labor Day comes at the end of the summer when families often plan road trips and vacations before school reopens. In recent years, approximately 12.5% of car accident fatalities have occurred on Labor Day. It comes second to Memorial Day on the list of the deadliest holidays to drive because, in 2021, more than 466 fatal accidents occurred on this holiday.   

Fourth of July 

Independence Day has been one of the deadliest for motorists to drive in the last decade. Approximately 2743 traffic-related deaths have occurred on Independence Day annually. According to research, 193 motorists died on the fourth of July in 2018.   


According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 333 car accident fatalities occurred during Thanksgiving 2020. Intoxicated drivers caused a significant percentage of traffic fatalities. 

New Year Holidays 

On New Year’s, many people attend parties with a lot of alcoholic drinks, which is why New Year’s Eve and Day have the highest percentage of traffic-related deaths caused by alcohol-impaired driving. More than 49% of intoxicated motorists caused fatal accidents on New Year’s in 2020.  

How To Stay Safe When Driving During The Holidays 

  • Avoid Impaired Driving: Alcohol contributes to the most traffic-related deaths during the holidays. Ensure not to let yourself or your friends and family drive while they are intoxicated. Make transportation arrangements beforehand if you plan on drinking. 
  • Keep Your Eyes on the Road: A high percentage of fatal accidents during holidays stem from driver distraction. The best way to keep yourself safe is to be aware of your surroundings and avoid using the phone when behind the wheel. 
  • Check the Weather Beforehand: Winter holidays can be hazardous for motorists. If you plan on going on a trip for a holiday, check the weather before heading out. 
  • Plan Your Route: The roads can be busy during the holidays, and the best way to avoid any holiday stress and accidents is to plan your route before embarking on the trip. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Keep up with all required vehicle maintenance to ensure your vehicle is not the reason for any accidents. 


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things you should check in your car to avoid accidentsCar accidents are common on the roads and can happen for various reasons. Some of the most common causes of car accidents include distracted driving, fatigue, and poor vehicle maintenance. To ensure your safety while driving, it is essential to conduct regular checks on your car to ensure that it is in good working condition. In this article, we will discuss the things you should check in your car to avoid accidents.


One of the most important things to check in your car is the tires. Tires play a crucial role in your car’s performance and safety. It is essential to ensure that your tires are correctly inflated, has enough tread, and are free from any visible damage. Under-inflated tires can cause poor fuel economy and make your car more prone to accidents. Worn-out tires with insufficient tread can also lead to poor traction and a higher risk of skidding.


Another crucial component of your car that you should check regularly is the brakes. Brakes are responsible for slowing down and stopping your car, and it is essential to ensure they are in good working condition. You should check for any signs of wear and tear on the brake pads and ensure adequate brake fluid levels. If you notice any unusual noises or vibrations when braking, it is best to have your brakes checked by a professional.


It is also essential to check the lights on your car to ensure that they are functioning correctly. This includes the headlights, taillights, blinkers, and emergency lights. Ensure all the lights are working and there are no cracks or damage to the lenses. Having non-functioning lights can make your car less visible to other drivers on the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

Windshield wipers

Another essential component to check in your car is the windshield wipers. Windshield wipers are crucial in maintaining visibility while driving in rainy or snowy conditions. Ensure the wipers are in good condition and the blades are not worn out. Also, check the washer fluid levels and ensure that they are adequate.


It’s also important to check the fluids in your car, including the engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. Ensure the levels are adequate and the fluids are not dirty or contaminated. Low fluid levels can lead to severe engine damage, while dirty or contaminated fluids can cause various issues.

Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents can still happen despite taking all the necessary precautions, and when they do, it’s crucial to have a car accident lawyer on your side. A car accident lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process and ensure that you receive fair compensation for any damages or injuries you may have sustained. They can help you understand your rights and guide you through filing a claim. They can also help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary.

Having a car accident lawyer can provide peace of mind, knowing that you have an experienced professional who can help you through the process. It’s also a good idea to research and find a reputable car accident lawyer who has experience handling cases similar to yours. This way, you can be sure that you have someone well-versed in the laws and regulations specific to your area and can fight for your rights. Visit this car accident law firm’s site to learn more.


Regularly checking your car for any potential issues can go a long way in preventing accidents. By ensuring that your tires, brakes, lights, windshield wipers, and fluids are in good working condition, you can help to minimize the risk of accidents on the road. Having your car serviced by a professional mechanic at regular intervals is also essential to ensure that any potential issues are caught and addressed before they become a problem. By following these simple steps, you can help to ensure your safety while driving and reduce the risk of accidents on the road.


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For most people, looks are the deciding factor when choosing a car. The exterior of a car consists of many different auto body panel parts that can be painted in different colors, have stickers on them, or even have no decoration at all. 

In the past, carmakers only cared about how their car would look from the front and not how it performed. Although performance has always been important to vehicle owners, it has not always been crucial for manufacturers because they did not have any research or development department in order to create better parts for cars. Here are the major auto body panel parts that make up today’s vehicles, and what purpose they each serve.

Front Bumper

Auto Body Panel

The front bumper is the first line of defense against impacts and protects the engine and occupants in the event of a collision. Beyond that, these auto body panels house the car’s air intake, fog lights, and often the license plate.

Bumpers are typically made from plastic or steel, and they’re one of the few parts on your car that can’t be replaced if they get damaged – so it’s important to take care when parking in tight spots or driving through busy intersections.

Despite their importance, bumpers are often treated as an afterthought by drivers and mechanics alike. That’s a mistake because proper care can prolong the life of your car’s front end and avoid costly repairs down the road. Here are a few tips for bumper care:

  • Inspect your bumper regularly for cracks, dents, or other damage.
  • Wash your bumper with soap and water regularly to remove dirt, road grime, and salt.
  • Wax your bumper to protect it from the elements and keep it looking new.

If your bumper sustains damage, take it to a professional for repair or replacement as soon as possible.

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper is the lower part of the car’s body that extends from the back of the car to the end of the trunk. It is designed to protect the car’s body from impact in a rear-end collision. It also helps protect cargo in the trunk from damage.

The bumper cover usually consists of plastic or resin and is easily replaced if damaged. The bumper’s screws hold it in place on the car. They are typically located near the backlights and may be underneath a plastic cover to prevent rusting. The bumper also has holes for the license plate and additional ones for attaching backup sensors. 

The rear bumper plays an essential role in protecting other vehicles when reversing. Drivers should check the condition of their rear bumper before driving to see if it is loose or has any dents. If the bumper is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to avoid further damage and safety concerns.


Auto Body Panel

The hood, also known as the bonnet, is the front most section of a car’s body that covers the engine. It is typically hinged at the front so that it can be opened to provide access to the engine compartment. When closed, the hood typically protects the user from being exposed to hot or dangerous parts such as the radiator, oil cooler, and engine fan.

The term “hood” is believed to come from the word “hooded”, meaning covered up or concealed. The first automobiles had open tops and no bonnet or hood. The earliest automobile hoods were simple panels raised above the passenger compartment, much like canopies found on wagons. They were designed to protect passengers from the sun as well as the elements.

As cars became more complex, with engines and other mechanical components located beneath the hood, the hood evolved into the hinged, lidded compartment we know today. Modern hoods are typically made of steel or aluminum and are fitted with a latch or release mechanism to allow them to be opened and closed. Some hoods also feature vents or grilles to allow heat and engine noise to escape.

Door Auto Body Panel

The doors are also separate auto body panels that are attached to the main car body. They are typically hinged at the front so that they can open and close. The doors usually have windows that can be rolled down or opened to allow ventilation and access to the outside. They also contain handles for pulling, and often have mirrors on the inside so that one can see what is behind them while driving. The door may also contain security locks to prevent the theft of cargo or car parts. 

Most vehicles have only two doors on each side, although trucks and vans may have as many as five. In most cases, the rear door opens backward and the front door opens forward (so that pushing the door open with one’s hands or body will not cause it to hit the person behind it). The driver’s door is usually on the left side of the car and the passenger’s door is on the right, but this can vary depending on the country in which the car was manufactured. In some cases, such as in aircraft and buses, the doors can be unaligned to allow access for passengers or cargo.


Auto Body Panel

The roof is the uppermost part of a car’s body, and it helps to protect the passengers from the elements. It is usually made of metal or glass, and it can be either fixed or removable. The roof is one of the most important parts of a car because it protects people inside from rain, sun and other elements. It can also be used for storage space or cargo capacity when not in use.

The first automobile roofs were made out of wood and canvas. Later on, steel frames were set up to support these components as well as the glass panels that would cover them. The first auto roof was invented by Charles Duryea in 1890. He later patented his design, which featured a folding cloth top that could be opened and closed by hand. The first all-steel roofs were introduced in the early 1920s. These new roofs were much stronger and more durable than their predecessors. They could also be opened and closed using a hand crank.

Trunk Auto Body Panel

The trunk, also known as the boot, is the rear storage compartment of a car. It is where you would store luggage or other items you need to keep out of the way of passengers. The trunk may be accessed from the interior of the car or from the outside. The former is typically done by pressing a button or pulling a handle, while the latter is accomplished using a key or levers. The trunk may also be opened with either the default key or via an optional remote control. In some cases, the keys for other locks on the vehicle can also open the trunk.


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Amazon delivery truck accidentAn Amazon delivery truck accident is a serious matter. These are large, heavy vehicles that can cause significant damage to your car and leave you with severe injuries. If an Amazon delivery truck has damaged your car and injured you, you must contact an attorney immediately after seeking medical help so that they can help you receive Amazon accident claims and get the compensation you deserve. What other reasons to hire them, and how can they help you? Find out in this article.

What to do immediately after the accident?

Seek medical treatment

If an accident with an Amazon delivery truck has left you injured, you should immediately seek medical attention. Your doctor will determine if any injuries need immediate attention and can refer you to an appropriate specialist or hospital.

Moreover, getting medical treatment will give you medical proof of the injuries and ensure you have the bills and related documents which prove the medical expenses incurred while seeking treatment. Your lawyer will require these while filing a lawsuit.

Contact your insurance company after Amazon delivery truck accident

You should also contact your insurance company as soon as possible, so they know what happened and how much money they owe for their coverage of this incident. Contacting your company beforehand will help them learn about the accident if you must file an underinsured and uninsured motorist claim.

Contact your lawyer after a Amazon delivery truck accident

Consult a lawyer specializing in personal injury law cases because they will help you file a claim against Amazon and the driver involved in causing harm during an accident involving their vehicles.

What is Amazon Flex Insurance coverage?

Amazon Flex Insurance Coverage is a form of insurance that covers Amazon Flex drivers for accidents, injuries, and property damage.

If the accident occurred while the driver was “on the job,” you can demand compensation from this insurance coverage.

Their maximum compensation amount is 1 million USD, covering medical expenses, pain, suffering, loss of wages, etc. However, if your injuries are worth more than this amount, you should speak to an attorney, as a lawsuit would be the only way out.

Types of compensation available

If an Amazon delivery truck has injured you in an accident, the following types of compensation may be available to you.

Medical bills

These include medical costs for treatment and hospitalization, including prescription drugs or rehabilitation facilities. They also cover past and future medical expenses that you might incur during your treatment.

Lost wages from work

Lost wages can be a form of compensation for time lost from work. Depending on the case’s specifics, they’re usually paid for a short or extended period. Lost wages can also be offered in a lump sum or regular payments over an extended period.

Pain and suffering damages

These refer to the emotional distress caused by an injury or illness resulting from an accident with an Amazon delivery truck and include both physical and mental pains and psychological anguish. It also covers mental anguish if there is evidence that the incident caused psychological trauma due to its severity or duration

Loss of consortium

Loss of consortium is a type of compensation for pain and suffering. It compensates you for all losses related to your injuries: pain, suffering, loss of income due to being unable to work physically as well as mentally; loss of enjoyment from living life usually; emotional distress resulting from having been injured while traveling with others who weren’t hurt either; and more!


Disfigurement is the pain and suffering caused by a car accident. It can be physical, emotional, permanent or temporary, financial or medical. A disfigurement can include injuries to your face and body. If you’re unable to work because of these injuries, it could mean that you’ll lose your job and receive reduced wages for months on end until you can return to work at a lower level than before.

Amazon delivery service partners and contractors

Amazon uses delivery service partners (DSPs) from a third-party delivery company. Usually, they don’t have insurance coverage to compensate victims after an accident. Amazon also has independent contractors who must have Flex Insurance Coverage for a maximum amount of 1 million USD.

Your attorney will help you receive the Amazon accident claims and get the compensation you deserve. They will negotiate with the company’s insurance provider and build a solid foundation for your case by interviewing witnesses, collecting photographs and documents, and getting traffic camera footage.


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Relaxin in the Park 2022 was held in Festus, Missouri from May 21-May 22, 2022. As with previous years, it always seems something comes up when the RA club tries to put on Relaxin in the Park. Their initial year was floods making them relocate the event due to their venue being flooded, then the battle of COVID in 2020, then this year (again) was the rain and storms.

The area had seen some rain in prior days so Friday the grounds were still fairly wet, but still had some sunshine as vendors and participants started rolling in. Saturday morning bright and early the event was met with some severe storms with crazy wind, rain, lighting/thunder and even some tornado warnings just outside of the area. Once the storm passed, the rain continued on most of the day for Relaxin in the Park 2022.

Relaxin in the Park 2022

With the show field flooded and muddy, the park in Festus is surrounded by concrete drive paths (that part was also part of the cruise route) that allowed participants to park on ‘dry land’ and now sink in what ended up being dubbed ‘Relaxed in the Swamp’ by the end of the weekend. By Sunday the venue was still wet (due to rain the night before) but the weather was a little more cooperative on Sunday for a few hours of judging, show and awards.

With the weather being a bummer, the show still brought in well over 100 registered vehicles on site even though the weather did keep some from making the drive to the event. To go through all of these obstacles and still put on an event, the crew from relaxed deserve some praise. Hopefully Relaxin in the Park 2023 will be a better year for weather for them as their new event venue and town are great and have plenty of room to grow.

Photos by: Chris Gosda


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