Looking for love. TLC’s latest reality show, MILF Manor, follows eight women on a search for love with younger men. Keep scrolling to learn about the show, its premiere date and more.

What Is ‘MILF Manor’ About?

According to the network’s website, MILF Manor follows “eight confident and strong-minded women [who] leave home for the chance to find love” in paradise. 

The female stars, who range from 40 to 60 years old, are encouraged to use their years of dating experience as they attempt to find love with younger men.

In each episode, the women and men will participate in challenges to test how genuine each connection is. As the women are in control of their love lives, the younger men must try to prove they’re ready to get serious with the stars of MILF Manor.

Who Stars on ‘MILF Manor’?

The women that will be featured on season 1 include a 47-year-old fitness studio owner from Mexico who currently lives in Miami, a 50-year-old “disco mommy” from Orange County, California, a 44-year-old New Jersey native who’s relocated to Los Angeles, a 59-year-old fitness instructor and singer from Los Angeles, California, and a 50-year-old event planner who previously worked as a B-Girl.

Fans got their first glimpse at the cast in the debut trailer, which was shared by the network on Monday, December 12.

 Throughout the teaser clip, the women opened up about how their past experiences have prepared them to find love. Additionally, they shared what they’re looking for in a romantic partner. “I was married for 14 years,” one star explained. “I want to get a chance to do me a little.”

“Life has given me some curveballs,” another of the show’s stars said at the beginning of the trailer. An additional reality star stated, “It’s my time to find love.”

What is TLC’s New Dating Competition ‘MILF Manor’ About? Cast, Premiere Date Revealed

When discussing why she wants to be with a younger man, one star explained that “young men have much more energy” and she likes that “they think out of the box.”

Another woman that’s hopeful about falling in love said that she is “ready to connect with somebody who doesn’t really care how old I am.”

When Does ‘MILF Manor’ Premiere?

MILF Manor will premiere on Sunday, January 15, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery+.


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