Learn these 5 must do things before meeting your car dealer.

5 must do things

• Always go into the dealership well-educated and informed. Typing Cars For Sale Near Me? Make sure you understand the process you are about to dive into. Do your homework properly by making up a clear picture of the type of vehicle you are considering, investigating any potential manufacturer incentives, look realistically at your budget and bank credit score. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time.

• Be aware of the monthly payment trap. There is a tendency where people to get locked into the payment a salesperson is going to say. If, for instance, you plan to pay 750 USD a month, the salesperson will add “UP TO”. These two words are a powerful tactic that will make you pronounce $800 USD and that’s where your payment will start. Therefore, avoid the situation when you give your payment range upfront. Always focus on negotiating the OTD price of the car, that is the whole amount you will pay together with all the fees and taxes. Have a deep understanding of your budget to see what you can really afford to buy. Accept that a $700 USD per month payment has nothing to do with the 90 thousand USD car you have found on Rolls Auto Sales, for example.

• Get pre-approval from your bank before meeting at the dealership for discussing your car for sale near me financing contract. Learn what type of interest rate you are going to apply for. Being concerned about the payment only, while ignoring the rate brings a bad impact on everything. Pre-approval from your bank or credit union makes you confident and saves you from future stress. It also allows you to get a better rate from the dealership and improves your negotiation by adding optionality. Remember, you are not only a payment buyer but an interest rate buyer as well.

• The first pass from the dealer is in no way his/her best offer. The salesperson is ready to hear your several No before you will say Yes. Feel free to say no 5 times, always show you need more like a bigger discount, extra offers, etc for making the most of your car deal.

• Avoid office trickery. Tying an interest rate to the purchase of an extended warranty or something else “extra” is wrong. End of discussion.

Be smart and enjoy your car for sale near me experience! Do not forget the 5 must do things before you buy!


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