An all-out brawl that broke out between dozens of passengers aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship was sparked over allegations of cheating while on the trip, according to an eyewitness passenger who shared video of the fight with Fox News Digital.

Theresa James, who said she is a travel agent, told Fox News Digital that the fight started just before 2 a.m. on the ship’s fifth floor, where a dance club and casino are located. 

An alleged threesome between passengers had upset their significant others when they learned of the rendezvous, according to James, who said she witnessed the fight from her door.

Beer bottles were smashed, and a woman may have been cut during the chaos, James said.

The brawl lasted about an hour, according to the travel agent, and took the parties involved from the fifth floor to the ship’s first floor, which James described as a huge distance. She said the altercation wasn’t physical the whole time, and an estimated 60 people may have been involved.

James credited Carnival and its security team for jumping in and bringing the situation under control. 

She described the guests involved in the fight as “ignorant fools acting stupid” and said the situation could have been worse if not for security.

Security had to call in the Coast Guard to help escort the ship to shore, according to the New York Post.

The ship arrived Tuesday morning with New York police waiting as it docked. Carnival said the ship docked in Manhattan as scheduled. 

It’s unclear if anyone was arrested or if New York or New Jersey authorities would handle it or another jurisdiction since it may have happened over international waters. 

Meanwhile, James said that while the cruise got intense toward the end, it was an overall great vacation, and she has already booked another one with Carnival for August.


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