The process starts by taking a jack hammer to the old brownstone, removing any loose stone, and creating a rough surface…The next step is to coat everything in a bonding agent so the concrete-based mix they put on will adhere to the brownstone – that’s the while stuff in the picture below…
We offer top quality restoration of Brownstone facades and stoops while adhering to New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission guidelines. Our team is able to reproduce hand carved ornaments and all elaborate stone details to match existing Architectural styles. In addition, we also tuckpoint brick facades, repair specialized Bluestone sidewalks and patios. To prevent damage to these properties the best idea is maintenance. Regular attention to ordinary maintenance and minor repairs will help on the long run. Keeping drains clean specially at the front patio will prevent flooding to the basement; also the patio should keep water away from the foundation. Maintain the front stoop, and take special care underneath stoop. Make sure is well ventilated.



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