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Anti-aging is big in the cosmetic industry.

For decades, skincare lines have touted anti-aging effects, claiming that only they can help keep our skin looking youthful and taut. But how many of these products actually work? How many really do what they claim to do? 

If you’re anything like us, then you might have tried a few. Okay, more than a few. How often have you actually seen real results? Exactly.

The beauty and aging industry is in desperate need of a new approach.

Enter: Lumiara.

This new skincare brand, backed by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Jessica Wu, is changing the game when it comes to the appearance of aging skin. What sets it apart? Its formulas target the skin’s microbiome and the body’s internal oxytocin levels to transform skin from the inside out. 

Now, thousands of women are raving about their products, saying that Lumiara is the skincare brand they’ve been waiting for, giving them more vibrant, less wrinkled, and more even skin.

With a sought-after dermatologist on their side who knows just how important internal health is to external appearance, it’s no wonder that Lumiara is already becoming one of the most talked about skincare brands on the internet.

Keep reading to learn more about Lumiara and see how its approach to aging is truly novel and exciting, or head to its website to experience the Lumiara difference.

How Lumiara Is Fighting Aging Differently

Let’s face it: Skincare is a science.

There are plenty of options for people looking for quick fixes and topical treatments — but if you really want radiant skin that fights aging, you’ll need something that addresses skin health from the inside out.

That’s what makes Lumiara different. Their formulas, crafted to perfection by Harvard-trained Dr. Jessica Wu, take a two-pronged approach to skincare. First, they balance the skin’s microbiome, reducing blemishes and sun damage. Second, they increase oxytocin levels by activating the brain’s pleasure centers, giving you glowier skin and helping you feel more confident.

Let’s break it down.

A Focus on the Skin’s Microbiome

It might surprise you to know that your skin constitutes its own microbiome, just like the one in your gut — in fact, they’re closely connected. The skin’s microbiome and the gut’s microbiome communicate via the gut-skin axis, though they serve slightly different purposes. 

There are millions of microorganisms living on your skin, including bacteria and fungi. (Don’t worry, they’re supposed to be there!) 

Every individual has a totally unique microbiome. These organisms communicate with your skin cells and immune system, helping to turn over new skin, shed old skin, and send helpful signals. The skin is generally our first line of defense against pathogens, so keeping this microbiome healthy and balanced is essential.

Evidence shows that a balanced skin microbiome can reduce the effects of aging. By focusing on skin health at a microscopic level, Lumiara is giving women the building blocks to beautiful complexions and more youthful appearances. 

Don’t just take our word for it — try Lumiara for yourself today.

A Mission To Help Women Love Themselves

In addition to its skin-balancing ingredients, Lumiara products also contain a hero ingredient, which goes even deeper to giving the skin a natural glow. 

It’s called CanniBiota. While it may sound familiar, CanniBiota contains no THC or CBD (so you don’t have to worry about getting high or feeling too relaxed). In addition to encouraging the skin to secrete skin-smoothing compounds, CanniBiota activates the pleasure centers in your brain. These areas produce oxytocin, which is a hormone that’s earned its nickname: the love hormone.

Have you ever fallen in love and suddenly started to receive lots of compliments about your skin and appearance? It’s no coincidence. Oxytocin makes you more radiant and attractive. It helps you feel more confident and at ease. 

In short? It’s a hormone we could all probably use a little more of.

Lumiara’s formula doesn’t just clear your skin and fight wrinkles, it also improves your mood and helps you feel more secure. In an industry focused on helping women aggressively fight the effects of aging, Lumiara is on a mission to help women fall in love with themselves. 

It’s a refreshing shift of mindset, if you ask us.


Get To Know Lumiara’s Line of Skincare Products

So, now that you know why Dr. Wu’s formula is causing such a stir, let’s talk about Lumiara’s line of products. To date, they have three, though there are (happy) rumors that there are more on the way.


First is Lifted, a face and neck cream that is focused on addressing sagging skin — and sagging confidence. With its proprietary blend of CanniBiota, glycerin, and citric acid, Lifted stimulates the brain and the skin, balancing its microbiome while clearing away blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines.

If you deal with thin skin and heaviness from sagging, then Lifted is definitely worth trying. It restores thickness, firms up the skin, and reduces the appearance of damage, making you look younger and healthier. 

What more could you want? 


Next is Glow, Lumiara’s product to directly address hyperpigmentation and blemishes. As we age, our skin tends to bear the signs: Blemishes, scars, and pigmentation take more time to fade. Dullness becomes a common issue for many women. 

Luckily, Glow can help.

This serum combines CanniBiota, for those all-important mood-improving effects, aloe vera juice, and avocado oil. As a natural ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera reduces the experience of irritation and redness on the skin, soothing and cooling it for a more balanced complexion. Avocado oil, meanwhile, encourages the production of collagen, helping to erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and giving you tighter, glowier skin.


Up last is Shine, Lumiara’s formula uniquely focused on improving the appearance of skin around the eyes. As long as women have gotten crow’s feet, there have been eye creams. Lumiara’s eye cream is different.

Like Glow, Shine Eye Serum is made with CanniBiota, aloe vera juice, and avocado oil, pumping the skin with natural collagen to fill in wrinkles. In its clinical trial, customers who tried Shine agreed that it helped with drooping, eye discoloration, and bags around the eyes. 

In fact, ninety-five percent of customers said so. Twenty-seven percent reported more youthful-looking eyes, and twenty-six percent noticed improved crow’s feet and fine lines. And that’s just after one month of use! Imagine what Shine can do after three months.

Lifted, Glow, and Shine are all powered by Cannibiota, so in addition to their mystifying (and clinically-proven) results for the skin’s appearance, they also help women feel more confident and in love with themselves — that Lumiara glow is real.

What’s more, all of Lumiara’s products are cruelty-free, plant-based, and made in the United States. Reviewed by a third-party lab, they’re proven to be PH-balanced and safe for all different skin types, no matter what age or ethnicity you are. They’re also paraben-free, unlike so many other options on the shelves at the pharmacy.

The skin is very absorbent. That’s why it’s so important to look for products that focus on internal health, ensuring that quick results never sacrifice safety and wellness. Lumiara’s formulas are proof that that’s not too much to ask for.

Closing the Loop on Lumiara’s Line of Products

There’s a reason so many celebrities seek out Dr. Wu. Her approach to skincare starts and ends with skin health, and now with Lumiara, she’s helping thousands of women get a-list results at home. 

By focusing on the skin’s microbiome and helping the brain release more oxytocin, Lumiara is truly transforming the anti-aging industry, one face at a time.

Ready to give Lumiara’s products a try and join the women giving this brand five-star, rave reviews online? We thought you might say so.

“It’s the best wrinkle cream I’ve tried.”

“Lumiara has made me more confident than ever before. Love how it works on your skin and your mood.”

“My skin is beautiful, and I feel amazing.”

You truly can’t deny these real accounts of what Lumiara can do.

Lumiara’s products are exclusively available on their website. Browse through their shop to see which of their products — Glow, Shine, or Lifted — is most appropriate for your skin and your goals. Try one bottle to start. When you fall in love with the results, you can order three- or six-month supply subscriptions at a rate that saves you ten percent.

The brand is currently available in the United State but will soon be opening up its shop to countries like Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, as well as developing a Lifted product specifically geared towards the Spanish-speaking audience.

If these results are to be believed, we have no doubt that Lumiara will soon become the top-trending anti-aging skincare line.

Give it a try today, and let us know what it does for your skin’s health and appearance. 

We can’t wait to see your results!


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